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Monday, 20 February, 2006

New Maps Update

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The Tile server has now been moved to goDaddy, mind lets hope theyre more reliable, dysentery they should be according to their bumph.

The page now goes to a php script on godaddy so there’s no redirect involved, this should result in a small performance improvement.

Four new maps have been added ,
36 – manchester – from Joyce Whitchurch’s scan
70, 60 east wales – from Mike Dat’s scans
77 – from another ebay map.

The maps are now slightly better stitched which will reduce the number of black areas between adjoining maps.

The maps still have the 200 meter mis-alignment problem.

I’ve ordered the Yolande Hodson book from the Charles Close Society, with any luck this will give me a further clue to the mis-alignment issue.

Current Stats are:

Thursday, 2 February, 2006

Alignment issues

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I’ve been looking at the current set of scans against the trig pillars database from nearby.
Most of the pillars seem to be out by around 80-130m with the scans typically being south and slightly to the west of the trig pillar. The deviation is fairly consistent across most of the country. I’m trying to see if the error varies in a simple way across the width of a scan.
It does seem to be smaller on the edge of the map nearest to the delamere trig point.

At the moment I can’t tell if the problem is one of a rotational difference (if the maps use a different north from the current OS north) or a more significant error in the Cassini Coordinate calculations.

Tiles back on the old hosts

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After a fair amount of effort I’ve managed to put the current set of maps back on the original reliable servers. Tiles are now split with level 03 on ponies and the remainder on plus net.

This can’t go on forever beause I’m going to run out of space. Currently looking for a new host for the tiles.

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