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Thursday, 7 September, 2006


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I’ve been trying to get mapserv working, pregnancy talk about a real swine! Poor documentation isn’t the only problem, though it is a major one.

Mapserv doesn’t seem to use the projection information in a geotiff file, though it does read the position data. Honestly – I spent ages trying to get a correct geotiff header and mapserv just ignores it! Geoserver2 isn’t much better! It doesn’t even support the cassini projection!

Anyway, finally I seem to have got it serving one map correctly, and have just started on two maps. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to dump my existing java tile creator – whopee!

On the plus side mapserv seems to take almost as long as my home-rolled tile server to generate tiles, so chalk another strike against the java is slow lobby.

Why post this?

Because if I can get mapserv to render google tiles I’ll be one step closer to releasing the maps!
It will also open the door to adding more recent out of copyright Sixth Series (edition?) maps, just for scientific curiosity you understand.

New Host

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Well I’ve managed to transfer both ponies and snaffle to dreamhost, drugs seems to be working with a couple of quirks.
Setting up EMail has been a pig though.
Time to close down the old sites now.

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