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Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

Fun and more learning

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Well last night was fun. Faffing around in Duskwood I got asked to join a party by ?shadowforge? (or something like that) who apparently remembered me. The name was vaguely familiar, gastritis but I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t be sure. Anyway we went and popped Morbent Fel (lvl 32, audiologist elite), twice!, with a group of Level 28/9’s. The first time took ages and ages, and I came close to death after attracting too much attention a couple of times, I had to use the healthstone and sacrifice the VW ust to stay upright.

The second time we went back with one less so it was just two warriors and me, a warlock. This time it went a lot quicker, though I did prepare better. I used one of each of those scrolls I’ve been carrying around (Intellect, Stamina and Protection). I don’t know if the team also bunged any debuffs onto him, but this time I was able to get curse of tounges to stick. I also swapped the VW for the Imp, spammed more Shadow bolts and had also swapped the fire wand for a shadow wand. The Imp was almost certainly a sensible move since there were already two tanks and getting the bugger down quickly seemed more important.

Thinking on it the scrolls probably also helped a long way to getting the curses to stick despite the 6 level difference. I’m still impressed at helping taking down a 3 level higher elite with just 3 of us.

What could I have done better? Well I could have given out some healthstones. I missed a chance to try summoning right at the beginning. It simply never occurred to me. And I think I might not have re-applied the DOTs when they ran out.
The party leader was a good one, knew he needed a fair bit of help – if only I could remember his name, he’d go on the friends list.
Why am I chuffed? Because this is probably the first time I’ve come out and not thought – “I could have done that much better”. Though obviously the second attempt was much better prepared.
The downside, chatlog doesn’t record anything that happens before you invoke it! So I’ve lost the record,plus I’d like to know just how much damage I actually did.

Nozing around apparently the quest has an item called Morbent’s Bane and the leader did say something about that item worked. So maybe all the scrolls weren’t as useful as all that, then again maybe they were.

Monday, 9 July, 2007


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I’ve been playing Wold of Warcraft too much since I got the game. My progress has been comparatively slow for a couple of reasons; I spend a lot of time messing around in the auction house to fund my enchanting. I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Anyway a few things I must learn:

1. Learnt from the only time I went into the Deadmines instance

  • Stop the Boss from running away.
  • Use potions and healthstones to stay upright, unhealthy falling over does no-one any favours. (I think I’m finally beginning to learn this one now I’ve bound healthstone to the Backspace key – it takes a lot less thought than finding the = key, and my fingers know where the backspace key is without thinking. I just need a macro to use potions if I’ve not got a healthstone.
  • If there’s hundreds of adds think about using rain-of-Fire not much damage per add, but times by 5 and it doesn’t look so measly.
  • Don’t go in at too low a level, there were just 3 of us and we were rubbish until a couple of 20+ers joined up.
  • Beware master looter/free for all unless you know the player, didn’t bother me, but we had some aggro when the party leader (the lowest toon) nabbed the first green that was a good fit for our mage

Learnt more recently

If your party leader (3 members) goes AFK for 10 minutes in the center of a mob camp and its just you and a priest 10 levels below you the priest is going to suffer badly. As a ‘lock I just cant distract the mobs fast enough.

Don’t fight an undead elite of your level or higher unless you’ve got a good reason. They’re resistant to fear so you’re just going to have to keep on bashing it until it kills you.

If you find an area with mobs just below your level you can practice multi-mob tactics – keep a soulstone ready.
Occasionally you find a grind area. Plenty of mobs, but not too many, reasonable respawn time, go for it, it’s like being in a party for excitement.

If you are invited to a party, why not go for it, it’s probably not your quest, and it’s probably not going to level you, but a party is more fun than grinding.

Just because a bunch of mobs are lower level than you don’t get picky, if they’re still yellow they’re still worth a bit of XP, particularly if they’re close together.

Keep a load of soulstones, that way when you are going from A to B your pet can stop passing mobs and you can just keep going, slam a couple of dots down anyway just in case that’s enough.

Drain tanking is quite fun (level 25+) just for the riskiness of it all.
If you are invited to a guild check out the armory to see how many characters are at around your level, otherwise you might as well be guildless.

Don’t be afraid to offer help or party up with people who are working the same area.

Fear is a double edged sword, don’t use it unless you have to.

Try not to break someone else’s frost/Crowd control. Look for the visible signs. I’m still learning this one.

Apologise if you get some-one else in trouble.

I’m not sure about this tactic, but it might be possible to aggro an entire buncha mobs, train them far away and snuff it, meanwhile the rest can get on with bashing the quest target/elite.

More from my sad little world anon.

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