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Thursday, 27 September, 2007

Munqui surprises

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I was online yesterday evening doing pretty much nothing when a lowbie guild chat asked for an enchanter. Having nothing better to do I went and assisted – two free wands (they were leveling fast) and dumped a couple of free leveling (for me) enchants on them. To my surprise it turned out they were an alt for a long time Munqui who insisted on paying me! Way to make a good impression!

Anyway I managed to unload four free enchants on low Munquis – way preferable to re-enchanting my own gear for leveling. Guilds have their uses if only for the feel-good factor!
One of the party I did Uldaman with has used the money I gave him to purchase a mount. More feel-good feeling. Not like the dough I gave Ohya who didn’t get his mount for ages after I’d bunged him some.

More warcraft

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Well, erectile not too much to say, Szar (Main/warlock) is now level 48 and pretty much parked. I started getting low on gold so Szar is now making money off the Auction House with disenchanting. Meanwhile I’ve been playing an alt – Qintus a Draeni priest.

I must say I think being a priest seems to be a bit more fun. I really do quite like helping random strangers out by dumping buffs on them. Healing someone in trouble is quite a bit more personal and fun than spamming shadowbolts at their foes. I’ve had a number of thank you’s and a couple of group invites – unfortunately always at times when I couldn’t afford to take them up. Even ressed someone – I didn’t know you could do that to people not in your party. Cool!

I did make the mistake of leaving Draeni land and going to Westfall too early (level 18) and now I’ve got to plough through some green and grey quests to get to the ones for Deadmines which has slowed down my levelling. Still I should be LFG Deadmines soon. If this continues I think Szar may end up an alt!

Monday, 10 September, 2007

Long time no update

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Been quite a while. Mainly because it’s just been the standard Warcraft Grind – what a faf! Anyway, pulmonologist since last post I’ve leveled to 46, look it really seems to be getting slow now – although the last part was quite quick in The Hinterlands – what a lovely grinding spot. The mobs are just right – they seem to come to you without being in a pack. I swear I popped 4 mobs without moving. Dot Dot Dot, look fear, while that one’s busy keeling over the next one arrives, the first one dies just in time to fear the next one, piece of cake!

On the social front, I’m on my third Guild – Munqui Tribe. I left the first (The Soulmates) because it was simply too quiet, few members and no new ones. Soon after I left it disbanded completely. The next one (The Last Stand) looked like it might be better, more members, though still fairly quiet. Then one day I noticed the membership going down, a couple of days later the guild leader and several others disappeared. Hunting on the armory showed that they had almost all gone to another guild and left a lowbie as leader. No warning or anything, membership down to 12. So I quit again – feeling like gadfly.

This time I did some hunting around, I’d previously been invited into a Group, something that’s pretty rare for me, by “twomany” of the Munqui Tribe. Anyway the other players were quite polite, enough to make an impact and make me remember their guild name. So I hunted around, found that Munquis have a fair number of levelling members and a website, so I applied and I’ve not regretted the decision yet.

The guild seems friendly – “welcome”‘s on joining, “hello”‘s as and when. A reasonable amount of chat, level 70’s mainly but not exclusively. I even got invited out of the blue to an instance, Uldaman, as the only DPS even after warning that I’d damn near no experience in instances. Only my second instance ever.

Uldaman was fun, the party was made up of “Munqui’s” and “May contain Nuts”, we didn’t do any questing, just casually hit stuff. Most Fun. I think I did OK, though I started to fall apart near the end pulling too much aggro when there weren’t many mobs – the bosses kept coming for me! Most memorable was when I kept getting the ?Stone Keepers? after me. I had to kite with my 8% faster boots on and the help of a generous healer (LorĂ©n). Not a real job for a squishy but quite fun nonetheless. We didn’t clear because it was getting late.
I think I’ll be looking to do more instances if I can.

Personal analysis of how it went:

What went well:
Did quite well on the damage dealt tables, but then I was there for DPS and damage dealt doesn’t count for too much compared against strategy.
Found the Rain of fire does have a use! Against 5 or so mobs around the tank it’s pretty effective.

Did have loads of shards, still had plenty left at the end.

Only rolled need on items that were genuinely useful.

What I should have done better:

Didn’t dole out any Healthstones – wrong.

While I remembered to Curse of Tongues on the casters, I didn’t ask the tank(s) if they would have preferred Curse of Weakness on their mobs.

I should have managed my aggro better towards the end.

Died a couple of times without using my healthstone – wally!

Rolled greed on some more greens, even though they weren’t any use to me.

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