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Wednesday, 31 October, 2007

Is it just me?

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Szar, ampoule my warlock is now in the low 50’s and I’ve been looking at some of the “leveling guides”. Now I’ve had a look at some of the stats on the PlayOn site and if I put in a little effort I can beat the average leveling times by a little. Most of the time I’m way off, cialis 40mg what with playing with the Auction House and general faffing around.

The leveling guides though have got me completely beat, they usually give an example of XP per hour near the end, and this is without any rested experience (which doubles the XP/kill, though not Quest XP). I can get near(ish) the numbers that they quote, but that’s with rested XP, which means I’m playing at a little under 2/3 what they think is possible!
Perhaps it’s being an affliction Warlock, though I suspect it’s more likely that I’m just crap. The forums suggest I should be taking on several mobs at a time, they even have examples of how to manage 5! I’ve improved to the point where I’m quite happy handling 2 mobs, and if a third joins in it’s now pretty rare that I can’t handle it, but I can’t bring myself to set out to fight 3 at a time.

I’ll just have to live with it.

The game’s still fun, and I don’t have a big problem finding myself lacking when compared against others.

Where I got an honor point.

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A bit ago Szar suddenly acquired an honor point. It’s been puzzling me since I try very hard not to PvP. After some arduous trawling through the combat logs I discovered that I have slain Boolduf. Which places it at the time there was a Munqui Tribe attempt to kill a dragon. The critical lines were:

9/22 20:19:39.016 Your Volatile Infection crits Boolduf for 1656 Nature damage.
9/22 20:19:39.016 You have slain Boolduf!
So it seems that if you get an uncontrollable contagious affliction from a mob, price anyone you accidentally kill is treated as an honor kill! It’s possible that Boolduf’s PVP flag was still up from a previous duel.

Monday, 29 October, 2007

Qintus in the Deadmines

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A bit ago I was playing my Priest character Quintus and looking for a group for Deadmines. Another guildie was likewise looking to go into Deadmines, unhealthy but she was after a boost. A boost is where a much higher level character helps some lower level characters out, when they go into a low level dungeon they can easily beat everything in it, and the low level players just go along for the ride, experience points and to nab the high quality items that drop of the dead monsters.

Anyway so Quintus got a boost half way through the Deadmines. It was in fact a very strange experience, no excitement, nothing to fight, nothing to do except follow the leader. An instance without any taste.
I don’t think I’ll be doing that again in a hurry. It’s not that I can’t see why people do it – it’s a quick way to get quality equipment. I just didn’t enjoy it, and why play otherwise?

Hope to be going into Deadmines with a proper PUG this week. I’ve used up all of Szar’s “Rested Bonus” so he’s on Auction House duty.

Levels: Szar 54.5, Qintus 23.3


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A couple of weeks ago once again I got another random invite to fill a DPS (Damage Per Second) slot from a guildie (Lightbringa). I must be getting lucky on the instance invites, visit web once again this didn’t seem too hard. I was quite a few levels above the rest of the party, ed but it didn’t stop me being third on the damage meters. Damage meters aren’t everything by a long shot, more info but I was still surprised. Top of the Damage meters was another Warlock 4 levels below me. Shocked me, I know I’m slow but a warlocks job on “trash” (anything that dies quickly) is pretty easy.

Anyway I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at the combat logs and I think I’ve got an idea. Basically Boradan (for that was his name) used Corruption (Corr) far more as his first spell while I used Curse of Agony (CoA). CoA uses less mana and does more damage – but it ramps up and takes more time. While Corr does its damage evenly over a shorter time.
So looking more closely at just these two spells if the Mob is going to go down in less than approx 8 seconds Corr does more damage, and if it’s going to last longer than 12 seconds CoA is better. This is certainly why Boradan is a better Warlock than me.

Plusses and Minuses again:

Once again I didn’t give out any healthstones.

Once again forgot to ask the tank which spell they would prefer.

Near the end a rare sword dropped, but the warrior accidentally rolled greed instead of need. I ended up with something I couldn’t use but only disenchant. Why minus? Because we should have petitioned a GM to see if we could sort it out.
I didn’t pull much unexpected aggro for once.

Used Rain of Fire sensibly again.  Won’t be mentioning this again.

Wasn’t  until half way through before I gave out some mana oil? to the healer (a paladin), this doesn’t regenerate much mana, but every little helps in WoW.

Szar has a rude name

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Apparently Szar is Hungarian for Shit! Wonderful!

Wednesday, 3 October, 2007

Guild benefits and Maraudon

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Well there I was sat in Ironforge when I got a whisper from another guildie, thumb Aline (nice reference), for sale seeing if I could fill an empty slot in a group in Maraudon. After the usual disclaimers (I’m inexperienced/pants) and suggestions (kick me if I’m too crap) I joined in. Once again some instancing fun, I actually quite enjoy it.

We didn’t get far because the tank had to go after an hour, still I think I aquitted myself fairly well. The bit of Maraudon we were in seemed quite straightforwards, few casters, generally five mobs at a time. On request BigBlue was on Crowd Control (CC) duty taking one mob out of action for a minute or two.

Plus points:

  • Remembered to use Rain of Fire on mega trash, very effective too.
  • 40% of damage dealt. Mixed point this one, I’m there for damage, but it really isn’t everything (see minus points).

Minus Points

  • Forgot to hand out Healthstones again!
  • Over did the aggro making life difficult for the priest and tank (not that they said so). This is getting to be a bad habit. I really must be more careful with the dots.

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