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Friday, 30 November, 2007

The long run

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Moved my shammy from Draenei land to Westfall yesterday, click I thought I’d get a start on the Defias quest chain. Took a long time so didn’t level at all. I tried the swim to Elwynd Forest trick, ailment but got killed due to fatigue so I gave up and did the usual run to IronForge.

On the boat to from Azuremist isle I realised I didn’t know what the dance looked like so I started dancing and another SquidFace on the boat danced with me. We bowed at the end and waved as we went our separate ways. Quite a nice pleasant interlude.
Still getting group invites, viagra approved still from level 1’s, and I got a rather persistent invite from a level 20 ish on my run through Dun Morogh, even sent a “JOIN ME” chat which meant he must have gone through the WIM spam blocker. After explaining I was just passing through he asked me to come back and join him later. Needless to say I made some non-committal comment and didn’t – is it because I’m playing a Fem character? I kinda hope not.

I wasn’t really playing attention while playing in Westfall and died a few times. After a bit I started concentrating again, self buffs and totems = stopped dying. Lesson learnt! You don’t have to do this with a warlock, you just put up demon skin and after that it’s pretty much just reaction, with a shaman, even at this low level, there’s actually a bit more strategy. I’m not missing playing my warlock yet.

I think I’ll go back to the Draenei starting area, just so the quests are different.

Thursday, 29 November, 2007

More flowersz

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Ding: level 13 on my shaman after 8 hours and 2 minutes, what is ed 1 hour and 20 minutes faster than my Priest. I don’t think I’m affected by the leveling changes from patch 2.3 so these numbers are comparable.
Still enjoying playing, the whole static totems idea is an engaging change from a Warlock. There seems to be less button mashing involved which is giving me a little more time for thought, I find I need a little more thinking in combat to decide whether I need to change totems. Flowersz can have two totems out now so things are a smidge more complicated than they were. I’m not always fighting with totems out now, I don’t always need them. Still not dying much. Self heal is a groovy emergency life saver – switch from extra strength totem to extra armour totem and heal. The priest taught me that one! My bags are beginning to get cluttered with scrolls and health potions again – I’m going to have to learn to use them a more often in general play.
I’m still getting random invites to group, slightly more than 1 an hour. This time I /who’d a couple of them and both were very very low level characters on the other side of the world from me. They could be gold spammers or just wierdo’s attracted by the idea of a Fem player (which I’m not of course).

Wednesday, 28 November, 2007


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Or more properly Shaman. Szar, viagra sale my lock, therapist is now in outland. He got stiffed in a quest that would have given him a nice wand, the log says I got it, my bags don’t contain it, ah well. I’m getting bored with affliction and still can’t bring myself to change spec or PUG for some reason best known to my subconscious. So … I’ve put him on hold and rolled a Female Draenei Shaman named Flowersz.

Female because I already have a Male Daenei priest. So far she’s got to level 11 and is most of the way through the fire quest. Dunno why, but I’m enjoying it, I’m not dying much at all. This hybrid caster/melee malarky seems OK so far. Must suit my play style, I never could seem to get to grips with being a warrior (my first ever character). Totems are weird, but sufficiently different from the normal caster play style to be interesting. Wearing leather and having a shield instead of cloth and a wand is also different.
I’ve poked around the forums on wow-europe and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by them, there’s practically no trolling or whining. Unlike the Warlock forums where there’s both in spades. There’s loads of posts about Shammys dying if they get adds, I’ve not had that problem. Perhaps it’s my RUN AWAY attitude.
I’ll see how it goes getting her to level 20 and then make the decision to join a guild, or I may take the easy way and just add her as an alt to The Munqui Tribe. One thing is for sure, this one’s going to instance as often as I can stand it. Strangely at the very low levels I kept getting invited to groups, but could never see who had invited me. Something to do with being female, or to do with the name?
My priest is languishing unloved –
Szar 60.5
Qintus unchanged, and languishing, I guess another pure caster just isn’t different enough for me.
Flowersz 11
PS. I nearly paid to have Szar renamed to Flowersz,  a male gnome warlock in a dress called  Flowersz sort of appealed. Instead I re-rolled, the name is a bit stereotype for a fem, but so far a good choice.

Monday, 19 November, 2007

My first (intentional) Ninja

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[In warcraft being a ninja is where you grab a reward that isn’t rightfully yours, hair typically letting someone else kill off the mobs and then looting the end reward. Ninjaing also covers where you “tag” (aka claim) an important mob by doing the first damage to it and then letting strangers kill it for you.]

I was in Western Plaguelands doing one of the cauldron quests, site someone else had been there recently and killed the Cauldron Lord (you have to kill him first) so I was waiting for a respawn when a couple of other players turned up (a level 70 and a more level appropriate player). I whispered the lower level player to see if they were on the same quest, and wanted to group up. [In Warcraft if you party up everyone in the party gets credit for kills on a quest.] The player paused for a while and refused to group up.
Fair enough. When the Cauldron Lord re-spawned I managed to tag him with first damage and the other two rushed in and killed him. But because I’d done first damage he was mine.  Completed the quest and got an “XXX gestures rudely at you”, replied with “you should have partied” and buggered off.

This counts as a ninja because almost all the damage wasn’t done by me (not that I couldn’t have handled the Lord on my own). I’m a little conflicted, I don’t like ninjaing. On the one hand because of the game mechanics one of us was going to have to wait for a respawn if we weren’t a party, on the other hand by turning down a “group up” the other player was basically declaring that it was going to be a race. I won.

I feel a guilty pleasure.

Szar 59.5
Qintus unchanged since last post.

Tuesday, 13 November, 2007

Star Wars I, II, III

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I was watching The Empire Strikes Back the other day on telly and suddenly realized what was wrong with the “prequels”. Way too little humor. Actually what was wrong with the prequels is quite a long list, recipe probably being topped by the fact that I didn’t care for what happened to the characters.

Anyway, site after that flipped over and saw an episode of Firefly. The big idea hit me! Joss Wheedon should have been commissioned to do the prequels. They’d have been entertaining, you’d have cared about the characters and you’d even have laughed now and again.

So – just my 2p worth.

Saturday, 10 November, 2007

Waste of Time!

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I was doling out free enchants to guildies yesterday.

I gave a lowbie his enchant in Duskwood and he asked me if I’d help him kill an elite in the area. So I thought; why not spend a further few minutes helping on what would probably be a group quest. Anyway, gastritis they didn’t have the quest, nor knew the name of the elite, nor where it was. I really should have been worried.

45 minutes later were still wandering around Duskwood (second loop), no elites, but we had by this point picked up a friend who knew where the elite was. As if!

What a waste of time, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and merely categorizing them as timewasters, rather than gits who were using me to help them with their gather 90 bees knees quest. But next time anyone asks me to help they’d better know what they’re looking for. Even then they’ll be on a 15 minute limit, unless they’re polite of course – these guys weren’t.

Wednesday, 7 November, 2007

Sunken Temple first visit.

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Ah well, find last night was my first visit to the Sunken Temple. Grouped with 2 frost mages, see a paladin and a warrior, order only played for an hour or so. Just a brief summary,

4th on the Damage meters! If I’d not used corruption as often as I did I’d probably be below the healer. So something learned from previous instances at least. I’d like to blame the low position on being lost and separated from the party a significant amount of the time, but I don’t know for sure. I even got killed while separated before getting into the instance!

Update: I was definitely lost while the rest of the party had a 3½ minute fight. Even so, I’m a little worried by being so low on the DPS.

Damage Summary for what its worth.

Axeslayer (warrior/Fury/51):99,200/27%
Shirt (mage/Frost/53):97,148/26%
Ardeb (mage/Frost/52):79,637/21%
Szar (warlock/Affliction/55):72,924/20%
Blaaster (paladin/Protection/49):23,612/6%

This was probably the least prepared I’ve ever been for an instance. I didn’t even create a healthstone for myself, let alone a soulstone or scrolls!

To cap it all I didn’t pick up a single feather from the trolls for the “An imp’s request” even though they dropped, I thought they were trash – most feathers are worth very little on the AH. Repeat after me “I am an idiot”.

Once again I’m impressed with how much damage a warrior can turn out in a hurry when their not just tanking.
I was using the Voidwalker as simple crowd control on the “healer” mobs, but I’ve not yet analysed the combat log to see if this was in any way effective. Certainly I’ll be looking at whether the Fellhound or Succubus would be better next time.

Also grouped with 2 mages I’m fairly sure I should have used Curse of Elements to boost their DPS, though everything was dying so quickly I’m not sure how much difference it would have made.

[Edit:] Thinking on it I saw a lot of imps around – I should have banished one per fight.

Monday, 5 November, 2007

oh yeah,

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I’ve reserved a couple of names for when paid name changes come along. I’ve reserved:

Rummy – hey, info coz thats my name!
Flowerz – cute like me.
Flowersz – cute, no rx but with the somewhat more traditional sz tag.
Don’t know if I’ll be using these yet.

Also, grip I think I got my microphone working again. I bought a creative headset a week ago and chucked out my cheapo logitech headset. The microphone on the Creative headset was probably the worst piece of hardware I’ve ever come across. It’s not very sensitive, except to mains hum, which it truly loves . I ended up rescuing my old headset (from the outside bin), cut the mic off it and I’ve bodged it onto the new headset and all seems well again. Looks like the only thing creative can make are mp3 players and headphones. Soundcards and microphones seem to be beyond them.

Getting organised

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Well, cialis sale to celebrate being a Munqui for two whole months I though I’d try and do something slightly different. I’m trying to figure out what Warcraft addons I have installed and which ones I actually need. As a side effect I should discover what does what! The addons page (permanently under construction) is here.

I’m kicking myself, yesterday a whole barreload of Munquis went into the Sunken Temple. I didn’t go ‘coz I’m a twit. I’ve got a couple of quests in there!

This week I’m definitely going to use LFG and get Qintus or Szar into an instance.

Dunno what’s going on, leveling seems a little easier at the moment, probably because I’m focusing either on leveling or on messing around, but only rarely on both. When I’m in a leveling mood I’m bashing everything I see, hardly even riding anymore. It does seem to make the traveling more productive. Perhaps it’s that goal of getting into Outland at 58 that’s pulling me along.

Szar: 55.1
Qintus: 26.1

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