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Wednesday, 28 November, 2007


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Or more properly Shaman. Szar, viagra sale my lock, therapist is now in outland. He got stiffed in a quest that would have given him a nice wand, the log says I got it, my bags don’t contain it, ah well. I’m getting bored with affliction and still can’t bring myself to change spec or PUG for some reason best known to my subconscious. So … I’ve put him on hold and rolled a Female Draenei Shaman named Flowersz.

Female because I already have a Male Daenei priest. So far she’s got to level 11 and is most of the way through the fire quest. Dunno why, but I’m enjoying it, I’m not dying much at all. This hybrid caster/melee malarky seems OK so far. Must suit my play style, I never could seem to get to grips with being a warrior (my first ever character). Totems are weird, but sufficiently different from the normal caster play style to be interesting. Wearing leather and having a shield instead of cloth and a wand is also different.
I’ve poked around the forums on wow-europe and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by them, there’s practically no trolling or whining. Unlike the Warlock forums where there’s both in spades. There’s loads of posts about Shammys dying if they get adds, I’ve not had that problem. Perhaps it’s my RUN AWAY attitude.
I’ll see how it goes getting her to level 20 and then make the decision to join a guild, or I may take the easy way and just add her as an alt to The Munqui Tribe. One thing is for sure, this one’s going to instance as often as I can stand it. Strangely at the very low levels I kept getting invited to groups, but could never see who had invited me. Something to do with being female, or to do with the name?
My priest is languishing unloved –
Szar 60.5
Qintus unchanged, and languishing, I guess another pure caster just isn’t different enough for me.
Flowersz 11
PS. I nearly paid to have Szar renamed to Flowersz,  a male gnome warlock in a dress called  Flowersz sort of appealed. Instead I re-rolled, the name is a bit stereotype for a fem, but so far a good choice.

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