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Monday, 5 November, 2007

Getting organised

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Well, cialis sale to celebrate being a Munqui for two whole months I though I’d try and do something slightly different. I’m trying to figure out what Warcraft addons I have installed and which ones I actually need. As a side effect I should discover what does what! The addons page (permanently under construction) is here.

I’m kicking myself, yesterday a whole barreload of Munquis went into the Sunken Temple. I didn’t go ‘coz I’m a twit. I’ve got a couple of quests in there!

This week I’m definitely going to use LFG and get Qintus or Szar into an instance.

Dunno what’s going on, leveling seems a little easier at the moment, probably because I’m focusing either on leveling or on messing around, but only rarely on both. When I’m in a leveling mood I’m bashing everything I see, hardly even riding anymore. It does seem to make the traveling more productive. Perhaps it’s that goal of getting into Outland at 58 that’s pulling me along.

Szar: 55.1
Qintus: 26.1

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