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Thursday, 29 November, 2007

More flowersz

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Ding: level 13 on my shaman after 8 hours and 2 minutes, what is ed 1 hour and 20 minutes faster than my Priest. I don’t think I’m affected by the leveling changes from patch 2.3 so these numbers are comparable.
Still enjoying playing, the whole static totems idea is an engaging change from a Warlock. There seems to be less button mashing involved which is giving me a little more time for thought, I find I need a little more thinking in combat to decide whether I need to change totems. Flowersz can have two totems out now so things are a smidge more complicated than they were. I’m not always fighting with totems out now, I don’t always need them. Still not dying much. Self heal is a groovy emergency life saver – switch from extra strength totem to extra armour totem and heal. The priest taught me that one! My bags are beginning to get cluttered with scrolls and health potions again – I’m going to have to learn to use them a more often in general play.
I’m still getting random invites to group, slightly more than 1 an hour. This time I /who’d a couple of them and both were very very low level characters on the other side of the world from me. They could be gold spammers or just wierdo’s attracted by the idea of a Fem player (which I’m not of course).

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