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Monday, 19 November, 2007

My first (intentional) Ninja

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[In warcraft being a ninja is where you grab a reward that isn’t rightfully yours, hair typically letting someone else kill off the mobs and then looting the end reward. Ninjaing also covers where you “tag” (aka claim) an important mob by doing the first damage to it and then letting strangers kill it for you.]

I was in Western Plaguelands doing one of the cauldron quests, site someone else had been there recently and killed the Cauldron Lord (you have to kill him first) so I was waiting for a respawn when a couple of other players turned up (a level 70 and a more level appropriate player). I whispered the lower level player to see if they were on the same quest, and wanted to group up. [In Warcraft if you party up everyone in the party gets credit for kills on a quest.] The player paused for a while and refused to group up.
Fair enough. When the Cauldron Lord re-spawned I managed to tag him with first damage and the other two rushed in and killed him. But because I’d done first damage he was mine.  Completed the quest and got an “XXX gestures rudely at you”, replied with “you should have partied” and buggered off.

This counts as a ninja because almost all the damage wasn’t done by me (not that I couldn’t have handled the Lord on my own). I’m a little conflicted, I don’t like ninjaing. On the one hand because of the game mechanics one of us was going to have to wait for a respawn if we weren’t a party, on the other hand by turning down a “group up” the other player was basically declaring that it was going to be a race. I won.

I feel a guilty pleasure.

Szar 59.5
Qintus unchanged since last post.

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