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Monday, 5 November, 2007

oh yeah,

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I’ve reserved a couple of names for when paid name changes come along. I’ve reserved:

Rummy – hey, info coz thats my name!
Flowerz – cute like me.
Flowersz – cute, no rx but with the somewhat more traditional sz tag.
Don’t know if I’ll be using these yet.

Also, grip I think I got my microphone working again. I bought a creative headset a week ago and chucked out my cheapo logitech headset. The microphone on the Creative headset was probably the worst piece of hardware I’ve ever come across. It’s not very sensitive, except to mains hum, which it truly loves . I ended up rescuing my old headset (from the outside bin), cut the mic off it and I’ve bodged it onto the new headset and all seems well again. Looks like the only thing creative can make are mp3 players and headphones. Soundcards and microphones seem to be beyond them.

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