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Wednesday, 7 November, 2007

Sunken Temple first visit.

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Ah well, find last night was my first visit to the Sunken Temple. Grouped with 2 frost mages, see a paladin and a warrior, order only played for an hour or so. Just a brief summary,

4th on the Damage meters! If I’d not used corruption as often as I did I’d probably be below the healer. So something learned from previous instances at least. I’d like to blame the low position on being lost and separated from the party a significant amount of the time, but I don’t know for sure. I even got killed while separated before getting into the instance!

Update: I was definitely lost while the rest of the party had a 3½ minute fight. Even so, I’m a little worried by being so low on the DPS.

Damage Summary for what its worth.

Axeslayer (warrior/Fury/51):99,200/27%
Shirt (mage/Frost/53):97,148/26%
Ardeb (mage/Frost/52):79,637/21%
Szar (warlock/Affliction/55):72,924/20%
Blaaster (paladin/Protection/49):23,612/6%

This was probably the least prepared I’ve ever been for an instance. I didn’t even create a healthstone for myself, let alone a soulstone or scrolls!

To cap it all I didn’t pick up a single feather from the trolls for the “An imp’s request” even though they dropped, I thought they were trash – most feathers are worth very little on the AH. Repeat after me “I am an idiot”.

Once again I’m impressed with how much damage a warrior can turn out in a hurry when their not just tanking.
I was using the Voidwalker as simple crowd control on the “healer” mobs, but I’ve not yet analysed the combat log to see if this was in any way effective. Certainly I’ll be looking at whether the Fellhound or Succubus would be better next time.

Also grouped with 2 mages I’m fairly sure I should have used Curse of Elements to boost their DPS, though everything was dying so quickly I’m not sure how much difference it would have made.

[Edit:] Thinking on it I saw a lot of imps around – I should have banished one per fight.

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