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Friday, 30 November, 2007

The long run

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Moved my shammy from Draenei land to Westfall yesterday, click I thought I’d get a start on the Defias quest chain. Took a long time so didn’t level at all. I tried the swim to Elwynd Forest trick, ailment but got killed due to fatigue so I gave up and did the usual run to IronForge.

On the boat to from Azuremist isle I realised I didn’t know what the dance looked like so I started dancing and another SquidFace on the boat danced with me. We bowed at the end and waved as we went our separate ways. Quite a nice pleasant interlude.
Still getting group invites, viagra approved still from level 1’s, and I got a rather persistent invite from a level 20 ish on my run through Dun Morogh, even sent a “JOIN ME” chat which meant he must have gone through the WIM spam blocker. After explaining I was just passing through he asked me to come back and join him later. Needless to say I made some non-committal comment and didn’t – is it because I’m playing a Fem character? I kinda hope not.

I wasn’t really playing attention while playing in Westfall and died a few times. After a bit I started concentrating again, self buffs and totems = stopped dying. Lesson learnt! You don’t have to do this with a warlock, you just put up demon skin and after that it’s pretty much just reaction, with a shaman, even at this low level, there’s actually a bit more strategy. I’m not missing playing my warlock yet.

I think I’ll go back to the Draenei starting area, just so the quests are different.

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