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Saturday, 29 December, 2007

Going mad over christmas

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I’ve been playing more and more over the Christmas break only stopping for 3 days. Almost all of that time has been doing bits of Scarlet Monastery again and again with different Pick Up Groups. Mostly it’s not been good, discount rx sometimes the highest level/warrior is too arrogant and causes wipes, recipe then just quits mid instance. I’ve picked up three blues all for myself and seen many more go elsewhere. I’ve even seen some excellent cloth caster gear ninja’d by a warrior!
The last two groups have been excellent.  The first of the good PUGs was with Stoke who contacted me just to see how I was doing, when I complained about the pickup groups I’d had he went and put together one on the spot, truly a cool player. The second great PUG I went in with (last night) was just a PUG with me as the lowest level present, levels 36-38. Sometimes we just bashed away, but towards the end of Cathedral we started pulling, and I got to see how some degree of organisation “boosts” the level of the group. I’ve done the WWS on the combat log and was surprised to see the top four DPS slots were all within a couple of percent of each other, with me at the top by a hair.
Oddly the one part of Scarlet Monastery I’ve not seen the end of is the Library which is compulsory if you want to get your own “key” to the other parts. Gonna have to target this part of the instance.

I’m beginning to meet the same players I’ve grouped with before. Oddly I level slower doing instances than soloing, I’m not going to stop though.
I’ll probably edit this  later to add in the names of the groups.

Monday, 24 December, 2007

long weekend.

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Flowersz is now level 33. Levelling is now taking quite a bit longer, vitamin I guess I’m in the wrong place, buy most of the quests I have are either green or red so I’m going to have to move on, probably to Duskwallow Marsh and the new quests there. Hopefully Blizzard have made the quests as concentrated as they were in the starting area.

I’ve done three instances since last time, 2 Scarlet Monastery Graveyard runs, one immediately following the other and a Stockades run. The Stockades was originally going to be a Gnomeregan run, but that fell through. We got a couple of “rares” this time in the Stockades, with blue drops, so hopefully someone went away happy from that run. All three instances were very fast. I’m pretty happy that I’ve gotten over my fear of instances, and all of them have been fairly pleasant affairs even though there wasn’t much usable loot. I’m even getting to recognise the odd player name.

Finally trained in using axes, though getting new weapon proficiencies levelled up is truly a grind. I don’t know how I’m going to keep all my proficiencies current.

The signature trademark of a shaman, the windfury talent, is interesting, it’s a slow bash, bash, bash until it activates, then suddenly the target is dead. I’ve read that shaman damage is “spikey” and it really is, it’s quite unnerving.

Next is Scarlet Monastery Library, I’ll have to get the quests and read up on the tactics as this instance is supposed to be harder than graveyard/stockades.
One thing I’ve noticed playing a melee class is the number of spells/poisons that are in the game, with a warlock you send in the Voidwalker and don’t care if he gets debuffed, the bad guys simply don’t get close enough to cause any real problems. With a shaman it’s much more personal.

Thursday, 20 December, 2007

Long session

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Flowersz is nearly done in Duskwood. Last night I got a group invite from a Paladin and joined making three in the group. Wow, youth health what a difference it makes to questing, approved the kill x thingy quests went so fast it was unbelievable. I stayed on really, cost really late so we could complete the Mordent Fel questline together, and apart from having to kill him twice because we forgot to remove his protection the first time around, it went really well. I think I kept my end up during the quests with a well placed spell or two. The Group leader, Stoke (Paladin/Heroes of the Alliance) is a good guy, if you see him treat him well. If I was unguilded I’d have asked to join his guild.
I’ve now hit 30 and got Windfury, you can really tell when it triggers the mobs health plummets. The last few levels have given me shedloads of new spells (8) and it’s going to take some time to get them sorted.

Next: more instances, Gnomeregan and Scarlet Monastry Graveyard.

Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

The Stockades

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Did the stockades last night, ambulance at level 28 I was almost out of the recommended range, who cares! Another PUG of just 4; a shaman(me), two hunters, and a Mage, we were all quite high levels for the instance. I got the job of healer, which is a departure from every role I’ve ever played in a group before. Quite, quite different. One thing that gets me is the length of time it takes to put together a group, half an hour doesn’t seem uncommon.
I think I managed to do all the traditional healer mistakes, overhealing, spending so much time watching the party’s health that I didn’t notice when I was attacked, not actually taking time to look at the surroundings, etc. At least with such a high level group my absences didn’t cause a complete wipe. It was kinda interesting, I know that I’m likely to become a healer when I finally hit the level cap so it wasn’t a waste. It wasn’t unpleasant either, I’ll volunteer again if the group is healer poor, though I will need a set of healing gear.
The quests pushed me through to level 29. I didn’t get any gear, no blue drops and all poorer than my current questing gear.

Even an easy instance has a buzz that I’ve not had from a single person game.

Players all on Darkspear of course, levels were from the next day so may have changed,
Bdthree 32 Night Elf Hunter
Fiercebeard 26 Dwarf Hunter (leader)
Zodiax 24 Human Mage
Deathtronic 29 Gnome Mage (left after 15 minutes) knew Fiercebeard
Flowersz 29 Draenei Shaman (me)

Instance time: not quite 1 hour.

Tuesday, 18 December, 2007


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I spent a bunch of talent points last night, neurologist including points in “Flurry”, and now I think I’ve got Flowersz wrongly geared. Normally I fight with a shield and fairly slow one handed Mace,  sometimes with just a slow two handed mace, pretty much like the guides say. I’m doing OK with these, but, and of course there’s a but, I’ve been thinking.

I now have two talents that activate on a critical strike (around 10% of my hits) – Flurry which speeds up the next couple of attacks, and Focus which reduces the mana cost of my next shock by 60%. These are activated pretty much every other fight, increasing my DPS and also reducing my mana cost. I think I’ve made a mistake in following the guides which were written  before the Focus talent existed, so don’t take it into account, and also written for Shaman who have Windfury (its inbuilt 3 second cooldown greatly favours slower weapons). These two facts naturally, and correctly, favour a slow weapon.

I, on the other hand, have Focus and don’t currently have Windfury so my situation isn’t the same as the discussed recommendations.
Time to buy a quicker weapon on my next visit to the Shaman trainer.

Flowersz: 28

Monday, 17 December, 2007

blah blah Winter Veil blah blah

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Well, order Flowersz is now 27.5 and has moved to Duskwood, mainly because I’m familiar with the quests there, and quite enjoyed them last time around. My little Shammy has now outlevelled my Priest!

I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing with the Winters Veil goodies and I got a guildie to make up the red winters clothing. It makes Flowersz look like a complete tart, actually these clothes make all the female characters look seriously slutty, even more than just going around in their underwear. The Gnomes must be getting a real eyeful!

I’ve outlevelled Deadmines, but I should be OK for the Stormwind Stockades, I’ll try and get the quests and do that this week. I’ve not left my guild, thought it’s still an option that crosses my mind occasionally.


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Flowersz is 24. Levelling has slowed right down, stuff there’s several reasons for this:

I spent some time levelling my skinning which required a break in gaining XP while I killed “grey” animals.

I went to Stonetalon peak on a quest, a long trek for little XP.

I’ve just not been trying. Amongst other things I’ve not been killing non-aggressive “mobs”, somehow I just can’t get into killing things that don’t want to kill me first, but this does slow down my XP gain since I’m not killing anything like as much as I could when going from A to B.

So I’ll try a little harder this weekend, clear up the outstanding quests, maybe go into Deadmines (if I’m still of an acceptable level for it) and maybe go to Duskwood. See how I do. I’m not really of a high enough level to do the Stockades so that’s out for the moment.
I’ve not been into an instance since last weekend, it’s quite difficult finding time, I’m often not online until 7.30 and I finish at 10 so that’s 2.5 hours, almost enough for a dungeon. Often since most of the little TV I watch is usually on 9 (sometimes 8) I only actually have 1.5 hours. Definitely not enough for a Dungeon.

Wednesday, 12 December, 2007


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Flowersz is all of 23.5 now, epilepsy and all my other toons are gathering dust. I’m finding it strange to love playing a Shaman when I so hated playing a Warrior. C’est la vie.

It looks like the inflationary levelling process is over and I’m onto the “grinding” part. Not that that bothers me yet. But, information pills here’s the nub, my current guild, fab though they are, are beginning to raid Karazahn and a large percentage of the mains are level 70. When I look at the online list it’s not unusual for me to be the lowest member on, so there’s no guildies to group with. This hasn’t been a problem in the past, but since I’m really planning to do instances having some friends (however remote) to play with could be an advantage.

I’m wondering if I should switch guilds. I’ve got my eye on a guild with about 30 lowish level members in it. I’m considering them because my Priest alt once got a group invite from Frump, a higher level Paladin. There was no reason for Frump to offer to group, but she did anyway, which was kinda nice, and sticks in my memory.

I’m conflicted because I do like the Munquis, but they just can’t help me at the moment.

Sunday, 9 December, 2007

Flowersz in the Deadmines

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Third time in the Deadmines. Third character in the Deadmines. Third time lucky, salve well almost.

When I created Flowersz I decided that this one was going into as many instances as I could bear. So with that in mind I put myself on the Looking for Group interface. I did get a couple of group invites from reasonably level appropriate chars, here but none responded to my whispers, even though one re-invited me. I guess they didn’t see the whispers, WIM is the biz for whispers.

After half an hour or so I got fed up and started whispering people myself and eventually got two pairs of two together making four. In we went! It was fun! We weren’t organised, we weren’t careful, we didn’t have defined roles, and we wiped more than once, but we had fun (well I did) and got as far as Mr Smite.

There’d been quite a lot of difficulties with our priest – immediately before I’d invited him I’d ignored him. Though I added him as a Friend and he wasn’t on the ignore pane he was still being “ignored” by me. I think this eventually got sorted when I made him party leader for a while.
At Mr Smite Prasdorars invited a fifth member to the group, a higher level Druid, to help with the last boss… no problems. I exited the game to get rid of a strange graphical problem and re-entered. We started the fight with Mr. Smite, three of us died – leaving the priest and the druid. Since they were still fighting I released and started my corpse run. Suddenly I got a whisper – one of the party had be kicked and replaced with a stranger, I asked what was going on and suddenly I too was kicked! I presume to be replaced in my turn with another guild member.

I’ve heard of this sort of thing happening, but I was really surprised when it happened to me on my first ever party! I’m a bit pissed off, not furious because I was only being casual and more interested in having fun, but even so for someone to pinch over an hour’s work still smells big time.

I’m trying to find out what happened… I’ll be naming and shaming.

Re: the ignore problem – it’s definitely an addon – Auctioneer Advanced (2505). I’ve upgraded it and it seems to work now.

The players:

Flowersz – 21 Shaman – Munqui Tribe – your’s truly
Hemurduredme – 19? Paladin – Join the alliance (at least today) – on a trial account
Prasdorars – 24 Priest – Join the Alliance – A victim of an addon that left him ignored/muted by accident.
Leswe – 19 Dwarf hunter – kill the hordes – a keen player.
Nightdruidhw – 28 Druid – Join the Alliance – invited in at the end by Prasdorars
Thordal – 20 Paladin – Leswe’s unexpected replacement

Lessons learnt:

  • Ground Shock is the bees knees.
  • Searing Totem is not for instances, it ‘auto-pulls’ uncontrollably.
  • I should have questioned the aims of the party, I was there for a bit of fun, but others may have been serious.
  • Near the end I should have offered to come in on Szar (60 lock) to help the others through the last bosses. I’m not keen on boosting, but if you’ve been going for over an hour you deserve a little respect. Since I was casual it wouldn’t have hurt me.
  • I’ve just realised you can get rid of “dangerous” totems like searing totem by replacing them with a less risky totem such as Fire Nova.
  • I need to heal myself more. I’ve just installed a health monitor addon, we’ll see how this goes.
  • Now I can play the off-tank I need to keep an eye on the healer so I can pull aggro off them. If I can’t find an addon for this I’ll have to write one.

Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

Overdoing it!

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Still Shammying! Back in the Draenei area. Got to 18 last weekend, disease played time was a little over 18 hours. That’s pretty much in a week and a bit. Must cut back.

Got to 19 last night (1h 20mins), popping my clogs (that’s CLOGS, it looks like DOGS on my screen) reasonably often, though if I stop, pause, think and plan I stop dying. What does that tell you?

I leant what purge is for – when going up against casters check to see if they’re buffed, it’ll probably be some sort of armour buff, purge it and then splat them. So the sequence looks like:

  • stand back
  • make sure lightning shield is up
  • target caster
  • run at caster
  • hit purge
  • when they start casting hit Ground Shock to interrupt.
  • beat them up, recasting Ground Shock and dropping totems as required

Likewise I had my first use for cure poison, that’s when I stopped dying!

Should hit 20 in the next couple of days, and then I’ll have to consider re-arranging my action bars, they’re already looking crowded. I’ll also start looking to go into Deadmines, apparently it’s level 18-22 according to wowwiki, so I’m gonna set myself a target of going in at 20. Not now because I’ll be getting some cool new stuff soon, though I won’t have finished the “Call of Water” questline.

For some reason the Armory still isn’t showing any data, it says “It seems like the character you are trying to view hasn’t been active for a while”. Flowersz is the One and Only Flowersz in Europe, perhaps the database people look for seriously unique names (as used by gold spammers) and are worried. Yup, Flowers has the Armory running scared!

Came across an idea on another blog to help with difficult quests where the main attraction is surrounded by bad mobs … Log in on your high level main, kill everything, quickly log back in on your lowbie before they respawn, go after the big guy on his own. I’ll definitely be trying this one.
Flowersz: 19 (20h 20mins)

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