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Sunday, 9 December, 2007

Flowersz in the Deadmines

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Third time in the Deadmines. Third character in the Deadmines. Third time lucky, salve well almost.

When I created Flowersz I decided that this one was going into as many instances as I could bear. So with that in mind I put myself on the Looking for Group interface. I did get a couple of group invites from reasonably level appropriate chars, here but none responded to my whispers, even though one re-invited me. I guess they didn’t see the whispers, WIM is the biz for whispers.

After half an hour or so I got fed up and started whispering people myself and eventually got two pairs of two together making four. In we went! It was fun! We weren’t organised, we weren’t careful, we didn’t have defined roles, and we wiped more than once, but we had fun (well I did) and got as far as Mr Smite.

There’d been quite a lot of difficulties with our priest – immediately before I’d invited him I’d ignored him. Though I added him as a Friend and he wasn’t on the ignore pane he was still being “ignored” by me. I think this eventually got sorted when I made him party leader for a while.
At Mr Smite Prasdorars invited a fifth member to the group, a higher level Druid, to help with the last boss… no problems. I exited the game to get rid of a strange graphical problem and re-entered. We started the fight with Mr. Smite, three of us died – leaving the priest and the druid. Since they were still fighting I released and started my corpse run. Suddenly I got a whisper – one of the party had be kicked and replaced with a stranger, I asked what was going on and suddenly I too was kicked! I presume to be replaced in my turn with another guild member.

I’ve heard of this sort of thing happening, but I was really surprised when it happened to me on my first ever party! I’m a bit pissed off, not furious because I was only being casual and more interested in having fun, but even so for someone to pinch over an hour’s work still smells big time.

I’m trying to find out what happened… I’ll be naming and shaming.

Re: the ignore problem – it’s definitely an addon – Auctioneer Advanced (2505). I’ve upgraded it and it seems to work now.

The players:

Flowersz – 21 Shaman – Munqui Tribe – your’s truly
Hemurduredme – 19? Paladin – Join the alliance (at least today) – on a trial account
Prasdorars – 24 Priest – Join the Alliance – A victim of an addon that left him ignored/muted by accident.
Leswe – 19 Dwarf hunter – kill the hordes – a keen player.
Nightdruidhw – 28 Druid – Join the Alliance – invited in at the end by Prasdorars
Thordal – 20 Paladin – Leswe’s unexpected replacement

Lessons learnt:

  • Ground Shock is the bees knees.
  • Searing Totem is not for instances, it ‘auto-pulls’ uncontrollably.
  • I should have questioned the aims of the party, I was there for a bit of fun, but others may have been serious.
  • Near the end I should have offered to come in on Szar (60 lock) to help the others through the last bosses. I’m not keen on boosting, but if you’ve been going for over an hour you deserve a little respect. Since I was casual it wouldn’t have hurt me.
  • I’ve just realised you can get rid of “dangerous” totems like searing totem by replacing them with a less risky totem such as Fire Nova.
  • I need to heal myself more. I’ve just installed a health monitor addon, we’ll see how this goes.
  • Now I can play the off-tank I need to keep an eye on the healer so I can pull aggro off them. If I can’t find an addon for this I’ll have to write one.

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