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Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

The Stockades

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Did the stockades last night, ambulance at level 28 I was almost out of the recommended range, who cares! Another PUG of just 4; a shaman(me), two hunters, and a Mage, we were all quite high levels for the instance. I got the job of healer, which is a departure from every role I’ve ever played in a group before. Quite, quite different. One thing that gets me is the length of time it takes to put together a group, half an hour doesn’t seem uncommon.
I think I managed to do all the traditional healer mistakes, overhealing, spending so much time watching the party’s health that I didn’t notice when I was attacked, not actually taking time to look at the surroundings, etc. At least with such a high level group my absences didn’t cause a complete wipe. It was kinda interesting, I know that I’m likely to become a healer when I finally hit the level cap so it wasn’t a waste. It wasn’t unpleasant either, I’ll volunteer again if the group is healer poor, though I will need a set of healing gear.
The quests pushed me through to level 29. I didn’t get any gear, no blue drops and all poorer than my current questing gear.

Even an easy instance has a buzz that I’ve not had from a single person game.

Players all on Darkspear of course, levels were from the next day so may have changed,
Bdthree 32 Night Elf Hunter
Fiercebeard 26 Dwarf Hunter (leader)
Zodiax 24 Human Mage
Deathtronic 29 Gnome Mage (left after 15 minutes) knew Fiercebeard
Flowersz 29 Draenei Shaman (me)

Instance time: not quite 1 hour.

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