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Monday, 24 December, 2007

long weekend.

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Flowersz is now level 33. Levelling is now taking quite a bit longer, vitamin I guess I’m in the wrong place, buy most of the quests I have are either green or red so I’m going to have to move on, probably to Duskwallow Marsh and the new quests there. Hopefully Blizzard have made the quests as concentrated as they were in the starting area.

I’ve done three instances since last time, 2 Scarlet Monastery Graveyard runs, one immediately following the other and a Stockades run. The Stockades was originally going to be a Gnomeregan run, but that fell through. We got a couple of “rares” this time in the Stockades, with blue drops, so hopefully someone went away happy from that run. All three instances were very fast. I’m pretty happy that I’ve gotten over my fear of instances, and all of them have been fairly pleasant affairs even though there wasn’t much usable loot. I’m even getting to recognise the odd player name.

Finally trained in using axes, though getting new weapon proficiencies levelled up is truly a grind. I don’t know how I’m going to keep all my proficiencies current.

The signature trademark of a shaman, the windfury talent, is interesting, it’s a slow bash, bash, bash until it activates, then suddenly the target is dead. I’ve read that shaman damage is “spikey” and it really is, it’s quite unnerving.

Next is Scarlet Monastery Library, I’ll have to get the quests and read up on the tactics as this instance is supposed to be harder than graveyard/stockades.
One thing I’ve noticed playing a melee class is the number of spells/poisons that are in the game, with a warlock you send in the Voidwalker and don’t care if he gets debuffed, the bad guys simply don’t get close enough to cause any real problems. With a shaman it’s much more personal.

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