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Saturday, 29 December, 2007

Going mad over christmas

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I’ve been playing more and more over the Christmas break only stopping for 3 days. Almost all of that time has been doing bits of Scarlet Monastery again and again with different Pick Up Groups. Mostly it’s not been good, discount rx sometimes the highest level/warrior is too arrogant and causes wipes, recipe then just quits mid instance. I’ve picked up three blues all for myself and seen many more go elsewhere. I’ve even seen some excellent cloth caster gear ninja’d by a warrior!
The last two groups have been excellent.¬† The first of the good PUGs was with Stoke who contacted me just to see how I was doing, when I complained about the pickup groups I’d had he went and put together one on the spot, truly a cool player. The second great PUG I went in with (last night) was just a PUG with me as the lowest level present, levels 36-38. Sometimes we just bashed away, but towards the end of Cathedral we started pulling, and I got to see how some degree of organisation “boosts” the level of the group. I’ve done the WWS on the combat log and was surprised to see the top four DPS slots were all within a couple of percent of each other, with me at the top by a hair.
Oddly the one part of Scarlet Monastery I’ve not seen the end of is the Library which is compulsory if you want to get your own “key” to the other parts. Gonna have to target this part of the instance.

I’m beginning to meet the same players I’ve grouped with before. Oddly I level slower doing instances than soloing, I’m not going to stop though.
I’ll probably edit this¬† later to add in the names of the groups.

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