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Monday, 17 December, 2007

blah blah Winter Veil blah blah

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Well, order Flowersz is now 27.5 and has moved to Duskwood, mainly because I’m familiar with the quests there, and quite enjoyed them last time around. My little Shammy has now outlevelled my Priest!

I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing with the Winters Veil goodies and I got a guildie to make up the red winters clothing. It makes Flowersz look like a complete tart, actually these clothes make all the female characters look seriously slutty, even more than just going around in their underwear. The Gnomes must be getting a real eyeful!

I’ve outlevelled Deadmines, but I should be OK for the Stormwind Stockades, I’ll try and get the quests and do that this week. I’ve not left my guild, thought it’s still an option that crosses my mind occasionally.

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