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Wednesday, 12 December, 2007


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Flowersz is all of 23.5 now, epilepsy and all my other toons are gathering dust. I’m finding it strange to love playing a Shaman when I so hated playing a Warrior. C’est la vie.

It looks like the inflationary levelling process is over and I’m onto the “grinding” part. Not that that bothers me yet. But, information pills here’s the nub, my current guild, fab though they are, are beginning to raid Karazahn and a large percentage of the mains are level 70. When I look at the online list it’s not unusual for me to be the lowest member on, so there’s no guildies to group with. This hasn’t been a problem in the past, but since I’m really planning to do instances having some friends (however remote) to play with could be an advantage.

I’m wondering if I should switch guilds. I’ve got my eye on a guild with about 30 lowish level members in it. I’m considering them because my Priest alt once got a group invite from Frump, a higher level Paladin. There was no reason for Frump to offer to group, but she did anyway, which was kinda nice, and sticks in my memory.

I’m conflicted because I do like the Munquis, but they just can’t help me at the moment.

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