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Tuesday, 4 December, 2007

Overdoing it!

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Still Shammying! Back in the Draenei area. Got to 18 last weekend, disease played time was a little over 18 hours. That’s pretty much in a week and a bit. Must cut back.

Got to 19 last night (1h 20mins), popping my clogs (that’s CLOGS, it looks like DOGS on my screen) reasonably often, though if I stop, pause, think and plan I stop dying. What does that tell you?

I leant what purge is for – when going up against casters check to see if they’re buffed, it’ll probably be some sort of armour buff, purge it and then splat them. So the sequence looks like:

  • stand back
  • make sure lightning shield is up
  • target caster
  • run at caster
  • hit purge
  • when they start casting hit Ground Shock to interrupt.
  • beat them up, recasting Ground Shock and dropping totems as required

Likewise I had my first use for cure poison, that’s when I stopped dying!

Should hit 20 in the next couple of days, and then I’ll have to consider re-arranging my action bars, they’re already looking crowded. I’ll also start looking to go into Deadmines, apparently it’s level 18-22 according to wowwiki, so I’m gonna set myself a target of going in at 20. Not now because I’ll be getting some cool new stuff soon, though I won’t have finished the “Call of Water” questline.

For some reason the Armory still isn’t showing any data, it says “It seems like the character you are trying to view hasn’t been active for a while”. Flowersz is the One and Only Flowersz in Europe, perhaps the database people look for seriously unique names (as used by gold spammers) and are worried. Yup, Flowers has the Armory running scared!

Came across an idea on another blog to help with difficult quests where the main attraction is surrounded by bad mobs … Log in on your high level main, kill everything, quickly log back in on your lowbie before they respawn, go after the big guy on his own. I’ll definitely be trying this one.
Flowersz: 19 (20h 20mins)

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