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Tuesday, 18 December, 2007


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I spent a bunch of talent points last night, neurologist including points in “Flurry”, and now I think I’ve got Flowersz wrongly geared. Normally I fight with a shield and fairly slow one handed Mace,¬† sometimes with just a slow two handed mace, pretty much like the guides say. I’m doing OK with these, but, and of course there’s a but, I’ve been thinking.

I now have two talents that activate on a critical strike (around 10% of my hits) – Flurry which speeds up the next couple of attacks, and Focus which reduces the mana cost of my next shock by 60%. These are activated pretty much every other fight, increasing my DPS and also reducing my mana cost. I think I’ve made a mistake in following the guides which were written¬† before the Focus talent existed, so don’t take it into account, and also written for Shaman who have Windfury (its inbuilt 3 second cooldown greatly favours slower weapons). These two facts naturally, and correctly, favour a slow weapon.

I, on the other hand, have Focus and don’t currently have Windfury so my situation isn’t the same as the discussed recommendations.
Time to buy a quicker weapon on my next visit to the Shaman trainer.

Flowersz: 28

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