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Thursday, 31 January, 2008

So Long Uzi

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Well after my last post I asked on the guild forums about what I should do to placate Uzi. I also posted the relevant part of the chatlog.

The overwhelming opinion was that that Uzi shouldn’t have thrown a hissy fit and quit without explanation, phthisiatrician also rolling need was probably OK since it was Shaman gear and an upgrade.

So my feathers have been smoothed, but I’ll still take the ask-before-need issue to heart.

Tuesday, 29 January, 2008

Not good, not good at all.

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An alternative title could be apologies to Uzi.

Flowersz went into BlackRock Depths last night. Monday night is a good night for me to do dungeons. It kinda went well, ask it took a while to get a group together, this site but we went in with a proper trinity – tank, physician dps and healer. We the bosses we tried and only wiped a couple of times, personal analysis later.

The reason it didn’t go well was me. The very first boss dropped a pair of Blue Mail boots with +healing and spelldamage. The group had a warrior, 2 shaman, a priest and a warlock, so I sat there for a moment and saw the other Shaman, Uzi, rolled need, I saw the drop was better than my gear and rolled need also. I won. Fairly straightforwards, except, and I still have to check the armoury, that it was only a small improvement in my gear at my level and it probably would have been quite a big improvement in Uzi’s gear. Uzi left almost immediately afterwards. Worse and worse, looking through the chat log I can see that Uzi specifically requested Need on that item while I just needed without asking. I’m hanging my head in shame. How on earth can I make reparations? I’ll ask on the Munqui Tribe guild forums.
Looking in the Armoury today I see Uzi has the exact same boots, he must have gone in again.

What went well

  • I thought a bit about what totems were useful and tried to drop them even the rare Cure Poison totem.
  • I did a pretty big share of the Damage.
  • I didn’t run out of mana, my gearing must finally be reasonable.

What could have gone better

  • Ask before needing
  • At the end I shouldn’t have jumped into the Lava. (idiot!)
  • I shouldn’t have pulled quite so much aggro off the tank, then again the tank should probably have had a threatmeter – the priest did.
  • I should have kept a better eye on the priest, he got attacked more than once, and when there’s only 2 melee classes I’m the Off Tank.
  • At one point I didn’t have Windfury on my weapons – this meant I spent ages fighting one elite rather than contributing properly to the whole battle.
  • In the fight with 4 stone XXX’s I should have equipped my shield and tried to tank, as it was I feel I barely contributed and it was only the quality of play by others that got us through.
  • I should have had some idea of what the dungeon involved, as it was I had absolutely no idea at all what was going to happen.
  • Ask before needing, yes this in in twice!

The Party, % is presence

  • Flowersz 100% 55 Draeni Enhancement Shaman, Munqui Tribe
  • Krimbol 100% 58 Human Demonology Warlock, Legends of Honor
  • Endorah 100% 58 Draeni Discipline/Holy Priest, Keepers of the Solution
  • Xsofia 100% 54 Human Arms Warrior, DUBAI
  • Uzi 48% 55 Draeni Elemental Shaman, no guild
  • Tùrtlitt 37% 52 Gnome Arcane Mage, Armata Brancaleone
  • Ricean 11% 55 Gnome Affliction Warlock, Munqui Tribe

Bosses/Rares Downed:

  • High Interrogator Gerstahn
  • Lord Roccor
  • Pyromancer Loregrain
  • Warder Stilgiss
  • Hedrum the Creeper
  • possibly others

we didn’t get Lord Incendius


I Won (needed:1/passed:9)
Black Diamond, Greaves of Withering Despair, Stoneshell Guard

They Won

  • Uzi:(1/0) Black Diamond, Imperial Red Sash
  • Ricean:(0/1) Heavy Lamellar Vambraces of Power, Revenant Helmet of the Bear, Plans: Thorium Armor
  • Xsofia:(2/3) Black Diamond, Percussion Shotgun of the Falcon, Arbiter’s Blade, Alabaster Plate Leggings
  • Krimbol:(3/0) Essence of Fire, Silkweb Gloves, Ivory Wand of the Eagle
  • Tùrtlitt:(2/1) Pyric Caduceus
  • Endorah:(1/0) Black Diamond, Wand of Eternal Light

Monday, 28 January, 2008

Flowers birthday

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Well Flowersz has been in existence for 2 months this Saturday just gone, generic I first started playing her on the 26th November. Today she has just leveled to 54. Around 7d, erectile 3h, 15m played time. Last night I helped Legendkilla on a Warrior quest, since he was level 50 and went into the Sunken Temple I assume it was the standard level 50 quest we all get given. (Szar still hasn’t completed his!).

Finished Ungoro Crater, and got a little annoyed, I bought a couple of equipment upgrades from the Auction House only to discover that both pieces were equivalent to the Quest rewards. 10 gold pretty much wasted! Ahh well.

Flowersz is now level 55. It won’t be long before she hits 58 and can go into Outlands, though she may not go there immediately, what with the enhanced quest rewards to get in the old content it may be more efficient to stay in Azeroth for a little longer.
Level Log

Level 54: Time Played: 7d, 4h, 4m, 36s
Time Level Played: 39m, 34s

Level 55: Time Played: 7d, 8h, 54m, 29s
Time Level Played: 27m, 2s

Tuesday, 22 January, 2008

Where have all the Flowersz gone?

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Into Sunken Temple, approved that’s where.

Last night I picked up a group for Sunken Temple by checking the Looking for Group channel (not the GUI).

It wasn’t a particularly good group, we only managed to do the 6 trolls, which at least has progressed me on a Shaman Quest. Three of us were level 51-52 and the others were “lowbies”. The “highbies” were Shaman, Druid (Tank) and Druid (Healer) so it wasn’t too awful a group setup. The party disintegrated after an hour or so when one left, and another member of the party had been having such bad lag and disconnection issues that they were only contributing about 5% of the damage – only slightly more than the healer. The group leader (Tank) was a little stroppy about under-performance and used recount to prove his point. Personally I’d just have lowered my expectations of the group and tried not to rub it in.

I ran my own damage analysis and including totem damage I came about equal with the bear tank on damage. So I’m not feeling to worried on that score.

What went well:

  • Decent damage output
  • Eventually remembered to pull out a Fire totem to chip away at the adds.

What I should have done better

  • Pulled out a Water Totem, I hardly used any of these when I could have dropped a Mana Spring for the healer.
  • Asked the Tank earlier if they wanted Grace of Air or Windfury – turns out they wanted GoA when I’d been dropping WF.
  • Perhaps dropped a Tremor Totem, I got turned into a Frog a couple of times. Though I’d have to know which mobs could Hex, it happened 6 times in total, and fortunately never to the Tank.
  • Kept a better eye on the healer, they pulled aggro on a spare mob at one point and I didn’t notice for ages.
  • Kept a frost shock in reserve for runners, there weren’t many, and we didn’t pull any adds, but we did come close a couple of times.

Flowersz gave in and bought some expensive blue mail leggings on the Auction House, her current set were overdue for replacement.

I don’t know, I think melee is easier, on my warlock I used to come out with plenty of things I could have done differently/better in a particular situation, with the shaman it seems more straight forwards, just deciding which totems to drop seems to be about it.
Flowersz is now level 51.8 and probably going to ding tonight.
Time Played: 6d, 17h, 10m, 10s
Time Level Played: 4h, 50m, 55s

Monday, 21 January, 2008

Flowersz in her hair

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Sorry, rx just a random title, expect more of these.

Over the weekend I’ve levelled up to level 51, started my Shaman level 50 quest and just moved into Ungoro Crater. Oddly this is pretty much the first time I actually feel like I’m doing the same content that I did on my “main” again since Duskwood at level 30. I’ve been playing Flowersz for nearly two months now and though the shine is wearing off, I’m still finding it more fun than my Warlock. It won’t be long before Flowersz is genuinely my new main, roll on! The Shaman class is a much more group oriented class, just looking at the talents and spells gives a big clue, almost all the totems benefit the group and several of the talents likewise are designed more for party use than soloing. I think I like it, it certainly encourages me to group up. Sunken Temple here I come.

The next level means I’ll have some talent points to spend in the Restoration tree! Yippee! I get to hit and heal! What’s more if I remember right levelling from 50-60 is actually quite quick.

My enchanter main is back in the money after some unlucky disenchants and a risky auction house gamble that eventually made 40 gold. At one point he only had 13 silver! He’s now back up to 200 gold and once again available as an emergency money source for Flowersz.

My previous post on the value of “Blues” was probably wrong, now I’m actually looking for new gear for Flowersz I see that a typical “blue” weapon is going for 70-100 gold while similar level “greens” are only 5-10 gold. So blues are going for 10 times the price of greens, that’s way, way out of the sensible “lifetime use”, even after factoring in expensive enchantments.

Once again I didn’t attend the Munqui Tribe Royal Rumble, my attendance score so far is 0! Just another thing to add to the unsociable list, maybe the next one. I’ve decided to kinda give every other blue to the guild bank, especially since they have some nice Level 53 gear in there that I’ll probably be wanting.

After this point I’m just rambling.


Friday, 18 January, 2008

Are blues worth buying

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This is a question that has suddenly become relevant for me, herbal I’ve pretty much exhausted the money I had on my level 60 so I now have to be a bit more frugal in equipping my level 49 with stuff from the Auction House. In addition my current weapons are beginning to become “outleveled” so I need to get some new weapons.

I’ll do some numbers on my current blue which has lasted me quite some time.

Blue: Wirt’s Third Leg
Cost: approx 35g
DPS: 30.4
Stats: (13)
Equip Level: 40

Green: Furious Falchion of the Tiger
DPS: 26.6
Stats: (10)
Equip Level: 44
Compared to Blue: 3 less stats, 4 less DPS
Green:  Crescent Edge of the Whale (not my actual item)
Cost:approx 8g
DPS: 28.6
Stats: (10)
Equip Level: 43
Compared to Blue: 3 less stats, 2 less DPS
Green: Rune Sword of the Monkey (likewise I don’t have this)
Cost: Approx 9g
DPS: 30.3
Stats: (11)
Equip Level: 46
Compared to Blue: 2 less stats, same DPS.

Green: Zorbin’s Mega-Slicer
Cost: Approx
DPS: 28.7
Stats: (11)
Equip Level: 48
Compared to Blue: 2 less stats, same DPS.

Looking at green items you might typically expect to buy an item that can just about be equipped, so that would be  requires your level, or your level-1. You also expect it to last to around your level -4 or -5. Which gives your typical green a lifespan of about 4 to 5 levels.
So this blue is slightly better than a green around 6 levels higher. So it should last around twice as long as a green. Which is a spend of around 17g, in fact it cost almost twice that. So in some senses blues are not worth it. In another sense you get several levels of being overpowered before your blue starts to become level appropriate.
In short Flowersz needs to upgrade her weapons, they’ve lasted a bit longer because of expensive enchants, but I can always re-apply those. Now I’ve got to decide whether to spend twice as much for a blue that will last and so be worth applying an expensive enchant on, and what sort, fast/slow, one hand or two hand. 2* Fast one handed is good for activating “procs”, a single two handed is probably cheaper on enchants, two slowish is technically better on Windfury. Bah this Warcraft takes thinking to play!

Thursday, 17 January, 2008

About the Munqui Tribe

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Someone said in Guild chat yesterday that they had found this blog when searching for the Guild name. It occurs to me that although I mention them occasionally I’ve not actually been specific about my warcraft server anywhere. So I (and all my guilded characters) are members of the guild “Munqui Tribe“, sickness on Darkspear-EU.

The Munqui Tribe is a pretty decent guild (in my limited experience) which has recently started raiding and has cleared Karazahn. Most of the guildies are quite high level and most of the lower levels are alts for the level 70’s, though most definately not all. The guild is still very chilled, the prevailing wind seems more student than school-kid. I’m probably one of the oldest players there (43 if you must know!), but many of the long term Munquis are in work not school.

Questing in groups

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Flowersz was in Searing Gorge last night to try and level up from 48.3 to 49, cialis 40mg quite early on I got a random chat from a Warrior asking if I was after a nearby escort quest. I accepted and we easily did the quest. I then shared all the quests I’d collected the day before and we started circling the gorge killing as required for the quests. It was very quick, very few of the mobs lasted longer than 10 seconds (I know because that’s my Stormstrike cooldown). After an hour and a bit I was at 48.5 experience, not so hot, but then I went and turned in all the quests we had actually finished and that gave me another half a level and I “dinged” 49.
What’s the point of me telling you this? Well since they’ve changed the “experience” gained for quests it’s now much more efficient to complete quests rather than “grind” on mobs, even solo. The difference is very noticeable though if you pair up. Imagine you have to kill 10 mobs, and it takes 1 minute per mob, you’ll take around 15 minutes (30 seconds running time). As a pair you only have to kill 5 mobs each, taking around 7 minutes. You only get 5 mobs worth of XP, but you do get the full quest turn in value, which nowadays is far more than you’d get from just killing.

You also get the synergy of having another player present and the time saving of not having to pull individually from a group. A small diversion explaining pulling:

Mobs in Warcraft quite often come in bunches of three and a typical solo tactic is to get one of the three to come towards you leaving the other two behind – the “pull”, whereon you then beat it up. If you go forwards and confront the mob on its own territory you are usually close enough that the two neighbouring guys see you and instead you get beat up and regularly killed. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t “pull” just one and then you get three. In summary killing one mob at a time is usually fairly simple and a guaranteed success, killing two is a bit more tricky but doable, very occasionally you die, killing three is much more of a challenge resulting in death far too often. With two players those three mobs work out at 1 1/2 mobs each which is easy.

Pairing simplifies matters quite a lot, you complete quests faster simply through halving the number of kills you have to do and as an added benefit you have a larger pool of mobs to pick from (those groups of 3 become easy targets without requiring any tactical thinking).
I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open when questing to see if anyone nearby maybe wants to join up.

For me this will be as difficult as it was when I started looking to do dungeons, I’ll have to fight my social reticence. The benefits in WoW are certainly good.

Monday, 14 January, 2008

Zul’Farrak and more PuGs

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Well true to my aim I did get into Zul’Farrak this weekend. Technically with only one Pick up Group, shop though it continually changed members. It was pretty much as awful as it can get. It all started with 5 players, including a level 67. This made me pause as I didn’t want boosting, fortunately when we entered the instance the 67 just rode off into the sunset and was never seen again. LOL, as they say. No priest or paladin so I was left healing. Not my favourite role.

We mis-pulled and wiped all over the place, people left, new people joined, eventually we stabilised with just 4; a mage, warlock, fury warrior and me on healing. Actually this group wasn’t too bad, a little under powered but at least we team played and pulled carefully. We managed to down a couple of bosses. I let the warlock have a healing blue for the + spell damage, it was a staff anyway so not really my thing. I am starting to collect healing gear since it seems I end up in that role every once in a while, enough so that I’m wondering if I should spec lightly into the Restoration tree for group utility.

The last blue, a mace, went to the warrior – blizzard have implemented some interesting game mechanics that mean if you die while deciding whether to roll need/greed/pass the item is automatically passed. Can’t get too bothered, nice item, but it’s only a game, and we were all just having fun by this point.

The warlock left after this leaving just 3, we kept on bashing stuff, more for a bit of fun than anything else (at least on my part). Which probably explains the enormous number of wipes we experienced. I ended the evening on 0% armour, chuckle. Our mage kept pulling aggro off the warrior and running about, I’m tempted to write an in game mail sharing what little I know about aggro.

The mage was another “soldier of the red hand”, a levelling guild that seems to have quite a good membership. Perhaps not in terms of play quality (though who am I to talk), but definitely in grouping friendliness. I may mail the guild leader congratulating them on their guild.

My healing in dungeons is getting slightly better, I’m firing off the little quicker heals to give me time for the slower larger heals when I have to, and I’ve even cast a couple of chain heals. Barring a bad pull I can keep the group standing. Priests definitely have a better tool-kit when things go wrong

Flowersz is Level 47 and going to quest for a bit to get to level 48. It’s time to leave Tanaris.

Oh yeah, at some point recently I was in Ferelas and got a request to help someone with a gathering quest. Off I went and we eventually managed to complete the quest, though his drop rate was worse than mine for not having skinning. We did get a random epic drop, Underworld Band, worth about 80g which they won fairly and squarely. At the end they just left without any kind of thanks! Another member of Puur Hollands, they’re definitely getting a bad rep with me.

Another random help request for a quest came from Legendkilla, a warrior I’ve previously instanced with in Scarlet Monastery. Very different, a nice pleasant interlude. I wonder if I’m on their friends list, I’d like to think so.

Friday, 11 January, 2008


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Nope, there not a Doctor Who story, healthful just the timesink that is World of Warcraft. Wow is quite addictive, illness playing it gradually eats away at your determination not to spend too much time at it. I was reading Wow Insider had a good description of the problem, and how to solve it just the other day – don’t limit your time, limit your targets x Quests, x Battlegrounds, that way you know exactly when to stop. I’m going to try applying this myself and see if my behaviour improves.

I just realised yesterday that I’ve been competing on my Shammy, at first I was seeing how fast I could level, and then after a bit I started checking my progress against another guild member with a shaman of similar level, trying to keep ahead of them in levels and simultaneously trying to keep my equipment comparable. The other player, an experienced WoW player, has pulled ahead of me now so I’m going to take the opportunity to give up on the (sub-concious) competition. Equipment wise I spotted them getting a boost through Maraudon the other day, so that may explain why they are so well equipped while levelling so quickly. Of course they may just be really good.
I’ve mentioned my feelings about being boosted before: I don’t enjoy the act of being boosted, though the better equipment is fun. I don’t actually have any problems with others being boosted, it’s just not my cup of tea as they say in France. I’ve been boosted twice, and I have been known to leave a PuG when I realised it was a boost.
Flowersz has just reached level 46 and is planning on doing Zul’Farrak this weekend.

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