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Monday, 7 January, 2008

Christmas is over

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 9:58 am

Well the Christmas playing marathon is over. Flowersz is now level 44. I’ve well and truly got over my instancing phobia and I’ve learnt a little about PickUpGroups (PUGs) and a little about boosts.

Pickup Groups are generally not very good, this site though occasionally they can be great. What I’ve learnt.

  • Poor groups really need a decent healer (usually a Priest) and a Tank (Warriors seem best, caries but some Paladins can be pretty cool too).
  • Good groups can usually get by without one of these two by replacing them with a hybrid (sometimes me). They can even get by with only 4 players.
  • Good groups never have more than 1 idiot in them, prostate otherwise they’re a poor group.
  • Hunters are ten a penny and need to be told to take their pet of aggressive.
  • Make sure the highest level present isn’t a Hunter – they seem to get arrogant and make life difficult.
  • Getting a PUG (of any sort) together takes time and patience, 30 minutes isn’t unlikely.
  • Getting a PUG for SM Cathedral is nigh on impossible (though I’ve been in 2, both good).

I also re-learnt that boosts suck.

I recently got in a Boost group for Uldaman, and I just spent my whole time running chasing the level 70. I didn’t learn anything about the dungeon or bosses, and I didn’t get to progress any quests. Sure it got me loads of cool Blue equipment, but I didn’t enjoy it. That’s two boosts I’ve been in and two I didn’t enjoy – is there something weird about me?

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