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Monday, 14 January, 2008

Zul’Farrak and more PuGs

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Well true to my aim I did get into Zul’Farrak this weekend. Technically with only one Pick up Group, shop though it continually changed members. It was pretty much as awful as it can get. It all started with 5 players, including a level 67. This made me pause as I didn’t want boosting, fortunately when we entered the instance the 67 just rode off into the sunset and was never seen again. LOL, as they say. No priest or paladin so I was left healing. Not my favourite role.

We mis-pulled and wiped all over the place, people left, new people joined, eventually we stabilised with just 4; a mage, warlock, fury warrior and me on healing. Actually this group wasn’t too bad, a little under powered but at least we team played and pulled carefully. We managed to down a couple of bosses. I let the warlock have a healing blue for the + spell damage, it was a staff anyway so not really my thing. I am starting to collect healing gear since it seems I end up in that role every once in a while, enough so that I’m wondering if I should spec lightly into the Restoration tree for group utility.

The last blue, a mace, went to the warrior – blizzard have implemented some interesting game mechanics that mean if you die while deciding whether to roll need/greed/pass the item is automatically passed. Can’t get too bothered, nice item, but it’s only a game, and we were all just having fun by this point.

The warlock left after this leaving just 3, we kept on bashing stuff, more for a bit of fun than anything else (at least on my part). Which probably explains the enormous number of wipes we experienced. I ended the evening on 0% armour, chuckle. Our mage kept pulling aggro off the warrior and running about, I’m tempted to write an in game mail sharing what little I know about aggro.

The mage was another “soldier of the red hand”, a levelling guild that seems to have quite a good membership. Perhaps not in terms of play quality (though who am I to talk), but definitely in grouping friendliness. I may mail the guild leader congratulating them on their guild.

My healing in dungeons is getting slightly better, I’m firing off the little quicker heals to give me time for the slower larger heals when I have to, and I’ve even cast a couple of chain heals. Barring a bad pull I can keep the group standing. Priests definitely have a better tool-kit when things go wrong

Flowersz is Level 47 and going to quest for a bit to get to level 48. It’s time to leave Tanaris.

Oh yeah, at some point recently I was in Ferelas and got a request to help someone with a gathering quest. Off I went and we eventually managed to complete the quest, though his drop rate was worse than mine for not having skinning. We did get a random epic drop, Underworld Band, worth about 80g which they won fairly and squarely. At the end they just left without any kind of thanks! Another member of Puur Hollands, they’re definitely getting a bad rep with me.

Another random help request for a quest came from Legendkilla, a warrior I’ve previously instanced with in Scarlet Monastery. Very different, a nice pleasant interlude. I wonder if I’m on their friends list, I’d like to think so.

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