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Monday, 28 January, 2008

Flowers birthday

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Well Flowersz has been in existence for 2 months this Saturday just gone, generic I first started playing her on the 26th November. Today she has just leveled to 54. Around 7d, erectile 3h, 15m played time. Last night I helped Legendkilla on a Warrior quest, since he was level 50 and went into the Sunken Temple I assume it was the standard level 50 quest we all get given. (Szar still hasn’t completed his!).

Finished Ungoro Crater, and got a little annoyed, I bought a couple of equipment upgrades from the Auction House only to discover that both pieces were equivalent to the Quest rewards. 10 gold pretty much wasted! Ahh well.

Flowersz is now level 55. It won’t be long before she hits 58 and can go into Outlands, though she may not go there immediately, what with the enhanced quest rewards to get in the old content it may be more efficient to stay in Azeroth for a little longer.
Level Log

Level 54: Time Played: 7d, 4h, 4m, 36s
Time Level Played: 39m, 34s

Level 55: Time Played: 7d, 8h, 54m, 29s
Time Level Played: 27m, 2s

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