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Thursday, 17 January, 2008

About the Munqui Tribe

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Someone said in Guild chat yesterday that they had found this blog when searching for the Guild name. It occurs to me that although I mention them occasionally I’ve not actually been specific about my warcraft server anywhere. So I (and all my guilded characters) are members of the guild “Munqui Tribe“, sickness on Darkspear-EU.

The Munqui Tribe is a pretty decent guild (in my limited experience) which has recently started raiding and has cleared Karazahn. Most of the guildies are quite high level and most of the lower levels are alts for the level 70’s, though most definately not all. The guild is still very chilled, the prevailing wind seems more student than school-kid. I’m probably one of the oldest players there (43 if you must know!), but many of the long term Munquis are in work not school.

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