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Friday, 18 January, 2008

Are blues worth buying

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This is a question that has suddenly become relevant for me, herbal I’ve pretty much exhausted the money I had on my level 60 so I now have to be a bit more frugal in equipping my level 49 with stuff from the Auction House. In addition my current weapons are beginning to become “outleveled” so I need to get some new weapons.

I’ll do some numbers on my current blue which has lasted me quite some time.

Blue: Wirt’s Third Leg
Cost: approx 35g
DPS: 30.4
Stats: (13)
Equip Level: 40

Green: Furious Falchion of the Tiger
DPS: 26.6
Stats: (10)
Equip Level: 44
Compared to Blue: 3 less stats, 4 less DPS
Green:  Crescent Edge of the Whale (not my actual item)
Cost:approx 8g
DPS: 28.6
Stats: (10)
Equip Level: 43
Compared to Blue: 3 less stats, 2 less DPS
Green: Rune Sword of the Monkey (likewise I don’t have this)
Cost: Approx 9g
DPS: 30.3
Stats: (11)
Equip Level: 46
Compared to Blue: 2 less stats, same DPS.

Green: Zorbin’s Mega-Slicer
Cost: Approx
DPS: 28.7
Stats: (11)
Equip Level: 48
Compared to Blue: 2 less stats, same DPS.

Looking at green items you might typically expect to buy an item that can just about be equipped, so that would be  requires your level, or your level-1. You also expect it to last to around your level -4 or -5. Which gives your typical green a lifespan of about 4 to 5 levels.
So this blue is slightly better than a green around 6 levels higher. So it should last around twice as long as a green. Which is a spend of around 17g, in fact it cost almost twice that. So in some senses blues are not worth it. In another sense you get several levels of being overpowered before your blue starts to become level appropriate.
In short Flowersz needs to upgrade her weapons, they’ve lasted a bit longer because of expensive enchants, but I can always re-apply those. Now I’ve got to decide whether to spend twice as much for a blue that will last and so be worth applying an expensive enchant on, and what sort, fast/slow, one hand or two hand. 2* Fast one handed is good for activating “procs”, a single two handed is probably cheaper on enchants, two slowish is technically better on Windfury. Bah this Warcraft takes thinking to play!

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