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Monday, 21 January, 2008

Flowersz in her hair

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Sorry, rx just a random title, expect more of these.

Over the weekend I’ve levelled up to level 51, started my Shaman level 50 quest and just moved into Ungoro Crater. Oddly this is pretty much the first time I actually feel like I’m doing the same content that I did on my “main” again since Duskwood at level 30. I’ve been playing Flowersz for nearly two months now and though the shine is wearing off, I’m still finding it more fun than my Warlock. It won’t be long before Flowersz is genuinely my new main, roll on! The Shaman class is a much more group oriented class, just looking at the talents and spells gives a big clue, almost all the totems benefit the group and several of the talents likewise are designed more for party use than soloing. I think I like it, it certainly encourages me to group up. Sunken Temple here I come.

The next level means I’ll have some talent points to spend in the Restoration tree! Yippee! I get to hit and heal! What’s more if I remember right levelling from 50-60 is actually quite quick.

My enchanter main is back in the money after some unlucky disenchants and a risky auction house gamble that eventually made 40 gold. At one point he only had 13 silver! He’s now back up to 200 gold and once again available as an emergency money source for Flowersz.

My previous post on the value of “Blues” was probably wrong, now I’m actually looking for new gear for Flowersz I see that a typical “blue” weapon is going for 70-100 gold while similar level “greens” are only 5-10 gold. So blues are going for 10 times the price of greens, that’s way, way out of the sensible “lifetime use”, even after factoring in expensive enchantments.

Once again I didn’t attend the Munqui Tribe Royal Rumble, my attendance score so far is 0! Just another thing to add to the unsociable list, maybe the next one. I’ve decided to kinda give every other blue to the guild bank, especially since they have some nice Level 53 gear in there that I’ll probably be wanting.

After this point I’m just rambling.

I didn’t do any instances over the weekend, either there was no-one forming a group when I was looking, or I didn’t like the look of the groups that were forming. One in particular caught my eye, 4 members, 3 Warriors and a Druid. I was tempted, but then noticed that two of the members were in “Puur Hollands” – a guild I’ve had some peripheral experience with, enough so that I didn’t want to join up with them. On a later check the same group leader was still looking, but the group had shrunk to only 2 members, perhaps I’m not the only one who’s avoiding that guild.

Despite my intent to group up to complete normal quests I only actually grouped once, and once again it turned a straight-forwards quest into a trivial quest. Mind you, the removal of Elites outside of instances has also had quite a big effect on difficulty.
Though I didn’t group with Legendkilla, I came across him a couple of times and got some much appreciated help with a bad pull, I think it’s safe to say there’s at least one quest I wouldn’t have finished if he hadn’t turned up. I also got a bit of help from an Orc that was in the same area, it’s nice to see that we can help each other cross faction even if we can talk. While I was in the Western Plaguelands I ressurected a (random) hunter, twice! I don’t know what he was doing, but I’d worry if he was in my group.
I did get a couple of unsolicited invites to dungeons, both from people I’ve been with before. The first, from Pontoon, was too late in the evening for me to properly commit enough time, the second, from Legendkilla, was looking good, but the slot got filled by someone else – fair ’nuff. Despite my random kick a few weeks ago, which dented my confidence, I can’t be all that bad (I hope).

One thing that has probably made a difference to my grouping and playing is the Wow Instant Messenger (WIM) addon – if anyone whispers me I get a nice pop-up window, this means I don’t miss whispers any more. Without that obvious prompt I’m fairly sure that I’ve previously missed people asking me for help.

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