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Tuesday, 29 January, 2008

Not good, not good at all.

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An alternative title could be apologies to Uzi.

Flowersz went into BlackRock Depths last night. Monday night is a good night for me to do dungeons. It kinda went well, ask it took a while to get a group together, this site but we went in with a proper trinity – tank, physician dps and healer. We the bosses we tried and only wiped a couple of times, personal analysis later.

The reason it didn’t go well was me. The very first boss dropped a pair of Blue Mail boots with +healing and spelldamage. The group had a warrior, 2 shaman, a priest and a warlock, so I sat there for a moment and saw the other Shaman, Uzi, rolled need, I saw the drop was better than my gear and rolled need also. I won. Fairly straightforwards, except, and I still have to check the armoury, that it was only a small improvement in my gear at my level and it probably would have been quite a big improvement in Uzi’s gear. Uzi left almost immediately afterwards. Worse and worse, looking through the chat log I can see that Uzi specifically requested Need on that item while I just needed without asking. I’m hanging my head in shame. How on earth can I make reparations? I’ll ask on the Munqui Tribe guild forums.
Looking in the Armoury today I see Uzi has the exact same boots, he must have gone in again.

What went well

  • I thought a bit about what totems were useful and tried to drop them even the rare Cure Poison totem.
  • I did a pretty big share of the Damage.
  • I didn’t run out of mana, my gearing must finally be reasonable.

What could have gone better

  • Ask before needing
  • At the end I shouldn’t have jumped into the Lava. (idiot!)
  • I shouldn’t have pulled quite so much aggro off the tank, then again the tank should probably have had a threatmeter – the priest did.
  • I should have kept a better eye on the priest, he got attacked more than once, and when there’s only 2 melee classes I’m the Off Tank.
  • At one point I didn’t have Windfury on my weapons – this meant I spent ages fighting one elite rather than contributing properly to the whole battle.
  • In the fight with 4 stone XXX’s I should have equipped my shield and tried to tank, as it was I feel I barely contributed and it was only the quality of play by others that got us through.
  • I should have had some idea of what the dungeon involved, as it was I had absolutely no idea at all what was going to happen.
  • Ask before needing, yes this in in twice!

The Party, % is presence

  • Flowersz 100% 55 Draeni Enhancement Shaman, Munqui Tribe
  • Krimbol 100% 58 Human Demonology Warlock, Legends of Honor
  • Endorah 100% 58 Draeni Discipline/Holy Priest, Keepers of the Solution
  • Xsofia 100% 54 Human Arms Warrior, DUBAI
  • Uzi 48% 55 Draeni Elemental Shaman, no guild
  • Tùrtlitt 37% 52 Gnome Arcane Mage, Armata Brancaleone
  • Ricean 11% 55 Gnome Affliction Warlock, Munqui Tribe

Bosses/Rares Downed:

  • High Interrogator Gerstahn
  • Lord Roccor
  • Pyromancer Loregrain
  • Warder Stilgiss
  • Hedrum the Creeper
  • possibly others

we didn’t get Lord Incendius


I Won (needed:1/passed:9)
Black Diamond, Greaves of Withering Despair, Stoneshell Guard

They Won

  • Uzi:(1/0) Black Diamond, Imperial Red Sash
  • Ricean:(0/1) Heavy Lamellar Vambraces of Power, Revenant Helmet of the Bear, Plans: Thorium Armor
  • Xsofia:(2/3) Black Diamond, Percussion Shotgun of the Falcon, Arbiter’s Blade, Alabaster Plate Leggings
  • Krimbol:(3/0) Essence of Fire, Silkweb Gloves, Ivory Wand of the Eagle
  • Tùrtlitt:(2/1) Pyric Caduceus
  • Endorah:(1/0) Black Diamond, Wand of Eternal Light

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