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Thursday, 17 January, 2008

Questing in groups

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Flowersz was in Searing Gorge last night to try and level up from 48.3 to 49, cialis 40mg quite early on I got a random chat from a Warrior asking if I was after a nearby escort quest. I accepted and we easily did the quest. I then shared all the quests I’d collected the day before and we started circling the gorge killing as required for the quests. It was very quick, very few of the mobs lasted longer than 10 seconds (I know because that’s my Stormstrike cooldown). After an hour and a bit I was at 48.5 experience, not so hot, but then I went and turned in all the quests we had actually finished and that gave me another half a level and I “dinged” 49.
What’s the point of me telling you this? Well since they’ve changed the “experience” gained for quests it’s now much more efficient to complete quests rather than “grind” on mobs, even solo. The difference is very noticeable though if you pair up. Imagine you have to kill 10 mobs, and it takes 1 minute per mob, you’ll take around 15 minutes (30 seconds running time). As a pair you only have to kill 5 mobs each, taking around 7 minutes. You only get 5 mobs worth of XP, but you do get the full quest turn in value, which nowadays is far more than you’d get from just killing.

You also get the synergy of having another player present and the time saving of not having to pull individually from a group. A small diversion explaining pulling:

Mobs in Warcraft quite often come in bunches of three and a typical solo tactic is to get one of the three to come towards you leaving the other two behind – the “pull”, whereon you then beat it up. If you go forwards and confront the mob on its own territory you are usually close enough that the two neighbouring guys see you and instead you get beat up and regularly killed. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t “pull” just one and then you get three. In summary killing one mob at a time is usually fairly simple and a guaranteed success, killing two is a bit more tricky but doable, very occasionally you die, killing three is much more of a challenge resulting in death far too often. With two players those three mobs work out at 1 1/2 mobs each which is easy.

Pairing simplifies matters quite a lot, you complete quests faster simply through halving the number of kills you have to do and as an added benefit you have a larger pool of mobs to pick from (those groups of 3 become easy targets without requiring any tactical thinking).
I’ll definitely be keeping an eye open when questing to see if anyone nearby maybe wants to join up.

For me this will be as difficult as it was when I started looking to do dungeons, I’ll have to fight my social reticence. The benefits in WoW are certainly good.

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