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Friday, 11 January, 2008


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Nope, there not a Doctor Who story, healthful just the timesink that is World of Warcraft. Wow is quite addictive, illness playing it gradually eats away at your determination not to spend too much time at it. I was reading Wow Insider had a good description of the problem, and how to solve it just the other day – don’t limit your time, limit your targets x Quests, x Battlegrounds, that way you know exactly when to stop. I’m going to try applying this myself and see if my behaviour improves.

I just realised yesterday that I’ve been competing on my Shammy, at first I was seeing how fast I could level, and then after a bit I started checking my progress against another guild member with a shaman of similar level, trying to keep ahead of them in levels and simultaneously trying to keep my equipment comparable. The other player, an experienced WoW player, has pulled ahead of me now so I’m going to take the opportunity to give up on the (sub-concious) competition. Equipment wise I spotted them getting a boost through Maraudon the other day, so that may explain why they are so well equipped while levelling so quickly. Of course they may just be really good.
I’ve mentioned my feelings about being boosted before: I don’t enjoy the act of being boosted, though the better equipment is fun. I don’t actually have any problems with others being boosted, it’s just not my cup of tea as they say in France. I’ve been boosted twice, and I have been known to leave a PuG when I realised it was a boost.
Flowersz has just reached level 46 and is planning on doing Zul’Farrak this weekend.

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