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Tuesday, 22 January, 2008

Where have all the Flowersz gone?

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Into Sunken Temple, approved that’s where.

Last night I picked up a group for Sunken Temple by checking the Looking for Group channel (not the GUI).

It wasn’t a particularly good group, we only managed to do the 6 trolls, which at least has progressed me on a Shaman Quest. Three of us were level 51-52 and the others were “lowbies”. The “highbies” were Shaman, Druid (Tank) and Druid (Healer) so it wasn’t too awful a group setup. The party disintegrated after an hour or so when one left, and another member of the party had been having such bad lag and disconnection issues that they were only contributing about 5% of the damage – only slightly more than the healer. The group leader (Tank) was a little stroppy about under-performance and used recount to prove his point. Personally I’d just have lowered my expectations of the group and tried not to rub it in.

I ran my own damage analysis and including totem damage I came about equal with the bear tank on damage. So I’m not feeling to worried on that score.

What went well:

  • Decent damage output
  • Eventually remembered to pull out a Fire totem to chip away at the adds.

What I should have done better

  • Pulled out a Water Totem, I hardly used any of these when I could have dropped a Mana Spring for the healer.
  • Asked the Tank earlier if they wanted Grace of Air or Windfury – turns out they wanted GoA when I’d been dropping WF.
  • Perhaps dropped a Tremor Totem, I got turned into a Frog a couple of times. Though I’d have to know which mobs could Hex, it happened 6 times in total, and fortunately never to the Tank.
  • Kept a better eye on the healer, they pulled aggro on a spare mob at one point and I didn’t notice for ages.
  • Kept a frost shock in reserve for runners, there weren’t many, and we didn’t pull any adds, but we did come close a couple of times.

Flowersz gave in and bought some expensive blue mail leggings on the Auction House, her current set were overdue for replacement.

I don’t know, I think melee is easier, on my warlock I used to come out with plenty of things I could have done differently/better in a particular situation, with the shaman it seems more straight forwards, just deciding which totems to drop seems to be about it.
Flowersz is now level 51.8 and probably going to ding tonight.
Time Played: 6d, 17h, 10m, 10s
Time Level Played: 4h, 50m, 55s

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