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Friday, 29 February, 2008


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Responded to a request to group for the “Overlord” quest in Hellfire Peninsula. I took the healing role. Went well. Four of us downed him on the second attempt. The second, therapist and successful, pull was an accident while the tank was having a look around so we weren’t bunched up or properly totemed.
Spammed Healing Wave and Lesser Healing wave on the pally tank, just about kept him up before I ran out of mana. I can now see a use for the Healing Way talent, previously I thought I wouldn’t be healing that hard, but it seems that I will. I have a talent Tidal mastery that increases the effect of my critical heals/Lightning bolt. But I didn’t crit once. I think I would have better put the points elsewhere until I get enough spell crit.
I should have used Chain lightning a bit more.

Did use the Hypnotist’s Watch to successfully lose aggro at one point in the fight. Yay!

I didn’t heal the Mage at all in the second attempt, I think he didn’t take much damage early on and then got flattened while I was battling to keep the tank up. He may also have been out of range since he’s not in the combat log much.

I upgraded my gear with stuff from from the AH, got it enchanted by my alt Szar. Flowersz now has almost 1000 extra HP with a little loss on crit chance. But since I’m using a quick dagger that isn’t such a big problem. More hits per minute = more crits per minute. I’ve also got some healing gear which is in the bank even though I needed it last night.
I’m now in dagger and shield after reading up on how Blizzard try to balance 1 hand & Shield vs 2 handed vs dual wield.

Basically the Dual Wield and 2 Handed are balanced to do about the same amount of damage because of the “off-hand” and dual wield penalties. As far as I can tell without the improved chance to hit using the Dual Wield talent going DW isn’t worth it. I don’t currently have that talent.

1 hand + Shield vs 2 Handed, Blizzard have tried to rig it so that although it takes longer to kill a particular mob you also take less damage. At least this is against non-magic using mobs.

I’m not noticing any significant problems at the moment, though I can see I’m going to have to go DW or 2 handed against magic users.

A minor respec may be on the cards in another level.

Wednesday, 27 February, 2008

Personal analysis of my humbling

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:29 pm

I usually do one of these after I’ve grouped, nurse though normally they’re quite a bit more of a gentle nudging.

What went well:

  • Hmmm not an awful lot really. Eventually switched to Dual Wield which improved my mana conservation (Focused ftw) which in turn sped up the kill rate. I think.
  • I didn’t use Flame Shock, ampoule it wouldn’t have lasted long enough to be useful.

What could have been done better:

  • I should have considered the evening as being in a team, generic and specifically not played as if I were soloing with someone else. I should have stood “shoulder to shoulder” more often.
  • I really must learn a faster playstyle. When soloing I usually do one mob at a time, and this really doesn’t mesh well with other’s playstyles.
  • I could have used Rank 1 Earth Shock, although looking at the stats 28% of my damage was from this spell.
  • Once I realized that the Darkcrest Sorceresses Freezing Circle was such a high damage dealer I should have held back on the Earth Shocks for interrupts. The Arcane Bolts didn’t hurt anything like as much as Freezing Circle, and didn’t trap me either.
  • I should use Frost Shock more often on non-casters, my current staple is Earth Shock for the 20% bonus from Stormstrike, but frost shock is better on “runners”.
  • I should have tried the Frost Resistance Totem out, it might have helped mitigate the effects of the Freezing Circle.
  • I didn’t purge often enough on the Sorceresses, though I was getting better at it by the end.
  • I probably should have used more lightning bolts and lightning shields, though I can’t be sure.
  • I should drop mana totems more frequently.
  • Maybe switched to a shield occasionally during the some of fights.
  • I should joke more in chat.
  • I should RP more in chat.
  • Enjoyed myself more.


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Well and truly humbled last night. I’ve been looking forwards to doing some group questing for some time now, sildenafil and last night I got the opportunity to team up with a guild mate, Venomsquid, that I have “admired” (not quite the right word) for a while. This is only the second time I’ve ever teamed up on a group quest for more than a couple of minutes.

Well it didn’t go so good, in PuGs I’ve always felt that I could keep my end up, but last night I was just totally outclassed. I wasn’t a complete waste from a damage perspective, but from a playstyle perspective I was shit! I died 7 times to his once, each time leaving him to clean up the hordes of mobs that I’d aggroed. I ran out of mana frequently, sometimes after a single fight. I didn’t switch to Dual Wield until quite late. I got trapped in a Freezing Circle literally a dozen times. I even left him behind once on a “run out”. And still he didn’t die!

Despite all this Squid, was really cool about it – I’m well and truly humbled.

I’ll be updating this post in a bit.

Monday, 25 February, 2008

Not much to say

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Skilled cooking up to 300 by going to Silithus and doing the mandatory quest there, case and then immediately skilled it up to 327. Flowersz has dinged to level 62, she spent over 23 hours at level 61. Yup you read that correctly almost an entire day on one level! The majority of it was spent skilling mining. Bleaugh!

Anyway 62 means I’ve got dual wield back again. I think I prefer dual wield, mashing a big 2 handed axe seems wasteful when the windfury proc goes off on the last hit. It’s fun when you get the right rolls of the dice – One shotting a level 58 mob is just too silly! Dual wielding though is more consistent and gives a much better chance for Focussed to be activated, gotta love the 60% mana reduction.

Going 1/3 restoration doesn’t seem to have gimped me too much, things are a little slower to die, and I have to heal more often, but I don’t seem to be dying any more often. Nature’s Swiftness + healing wave is a great instant heal combination.

I’ve got Water Shield now, which gives mana back. My playstyle is now tending towards cast Lightning shield before a fight, wait for it to be used up, and then cast Water shield for the last bit of the fight to regain the mana I’ve lost on shocks. Chain-Lightning has more uses in outlands since so many mobs come with a couple of weak side kicks.

Incredibly playing a Shaman is still fun, I hope I can heal well enough, if I can then I’m pretty much set for groups for the next few levels. With my current spec I should be better suited for healing than a full Shadow Priest. I need to get into an instance as a healer to see if I can manage that.

Tuesday, 19 February, 2008

Thank god that’s over with

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:54 pm

Flowersz has enough mining skill (with enchanted gloves) to mine in Hellfire Peninsula. So that’s 17 hours at level 61, drugs and I can assure you that most of that time was spent mining. Well actually looking for nodes to mine, breast but you know what I mean.

For gods sake, resuscitator if you ever want to take up mining make sure you keep it current, even if you have to take an hour or so to go back to lower areas. This will mean you can grab nodes you see in your current area.

I’ve also managed to get most of my weapon skills up to around 300 while I was at it.

Monday, 18 February, 2008

Grinding Mining

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Flowersz now has a skill of 286 in mining after hours and hours of playing. Since you can’t mine anything in Outlands without a skill of 300 (make that 295 if you have the enchant on your gloves) I’ve still got 9 more flipping nodes to mine. At least there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel. I’m in real danger of losing interest though. Once I’ve got mining up to a level where I can use it in Outlands I’m gonna go back and do some quests and maybe even chuck in an instance run.

Latersz as they say…

Friday, 15 February, 2008

Grind, Grind, Grind

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:30 pm

I decided to get Flowersz mining up to scratch last night. She outlevelled her mining skill so that she was questing in areas where she couldn’t mine, medicine which meant she couldn’t level her mining and so the vicious circle gets started.

Anyway it took a good couple of hours just wandering around mining Mithril nodes to get from 225 to 243. Fortunately this now means she can mine a whole munch of new nodes so I’m hoping skilling up should speed up. Mining is definitely a casualty of the new quicker levelling process. I did do a little skilling up of my daggers while I was at it, illness but not enough yet.

Tonights plan:

  • Level up mining a bit more, medicine ideally to 265 (I have +5 mining gloves), so I can mine pretty much anything I see.
  • Send all the ores in my bank to an alt to free up space.
  • Open all those in game Valentines day gifts and squirrel away the choccies in the bank.
  • Empty my bags of instance only (mainly scrolls and buffs) gear into the bank so I have more space generally.

Looking around the net there are a few mining guides, but none show the most appropriate ores for a level, so here’s a list. The ores in () are green at that level, but may still give a skill up.

Level       Ore                          (green ores)
25         Copper
50                                         (Copper)
65         Incendite, Tin             (Copper)
75         Incendite, Tin, Silver    (Copper)
90         Incendite, Tin, Silver    (Copper)
100       Incendite, Tin, Silver    (none)
115       Silver                         (Incendite, Tin)
125       Iron                           (Incendite, Tin, Silver)
150       Indurium, Iron            (Incendite, Tin, Silver)
155       Indurium, Iron, Gold    (Incendite, Tin, Silver)
165       Indurium, Iron, Gold    (Silver)
175       Mithril, Indurium, Gold  (Iron)
200       Mithril, Gold                 (Iron, Indurium)
205       Mithril                         (Iron, Indurium, Gold)
225       none!                         (Mithril, Indurium, Gold)
230       Truesilver, Dark Iron    (Mithril, Indurium, Gold)
245       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril, Indurium, Gold)
250       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril, Gold)
255       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril)
270       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril)
275       All Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron   (none)
280       All Thorium,                (Truesilver, D Iron)
295       R & H Thorium            (S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron)

Thursday, 14 February, 2008


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I thought I’d try to make Flowersz a little more flexible in a group, cystitis so I’ve respecced 0/31/21 an Enhancement/Restoration hybrid. This should make her a capable healer, drugs if not the best, physiotherapy in a group, and still keep reasonable levelling/DPS capability.
I’ve held of doing this until I could get either Dual Wield or Stormstrike (instant attack+) and Natures Swiftness (instant cast) which meant level 61. In the end I opted for Stormstrike so I could get an extra attack every 10 seconds, if I’m careful with timing. With a 3.60 speed staff Stormstrike should be a significant boost, we’ll see.

So I tried this out questing in Hellfire last night and it was slow while I topped up my weapon skill on staves, then it improved quiet a bit. The biggest difference is the spikiness of the damage. Only one hit every 3.5 seconds doesn’t give much chance for all those shaman proc based buffs. Windfury activates only every other fight or so, and I’ve become used to doing a Stormstrike and waiting for Focused to proc before hitting with a ground shock to get both 60% mana reduction and 20% extra damage. With the slower hit rate, and only half as many hits these bonus procs have become rare enough that I don’t always get focused while the Stormstrike bonus is on.

Things did seem to change towards the end of the session as my weapon skills became more suitable. We’ll see how things go, though I’ve also got to level my 2H Axes and 2H Maces now.
One of the reasons for respeccing is because my guild has a few members at roughly the same level as Flowersz in the same area. We’ve a Rogues, Mages, Hunters, a full retribution Paladin, and me. Though the pally can heal he’s in Plate and I’m in Mail so if a group were made up of all of us it would be better for him to Tank and me to heal. Of course it also influenced me that most PUG’s I’ve been in have been waiting for a healer or Tank. Well, I can’t tank, so healer it is.
Side Note:

I’m aware that the Restoration and Elemental trees have better synergy, but I got bored of my lvl 60 warlock and I don’t want to go back to spellcasting DPS just yet.

Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

Levelling weapon skills

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What a Faf!

Yesterday I levelled my 2 handed axes and staves to 280 (out of 305 @level 61) . This isn’t enough to actually make them fully useful, erectile to do that they should be at about 295. I stopped at 280 because I was getting bored after an hour or more.

Some tips:

  • There are some level 54 mobs (Servants of XXX) in the Badlands that cannot be killed if they are far enough away from their “home” position. This means you can keep on hitting them forever banging off the occasional heal to stay alive. You can pull them to a “safe” spot where you won’t get any interference. A plus is that any helpful players passing can’t kill them either, you get enough time to explain what you are doing and then they go away and leave you alone.
  • Speed of hitting is important, a tip from the web is to buy the fastest cheapest weapon of that class and use that, it doesn’t matter if the weapon is weak, you’re not trying to kill the mob. I didn’t use this technique, but I’ll certainly use it next time. Given the time it takes with a slow weapon even a 20% improvement is going to be worthwhile. My stave was 3.60, a quick browse shows that staves with a speed of 2.90 aren’t uncommon that’s a speed gain of around 20%. There’s even one (rare) stave at 2.1 speed (40%)!

Monday, 11 February, 2008


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Well, recipe Flowersz is currently tootling around Hellfire doing quests. Now she’s level 60 the amount of XP required to level has jumped tremendously so it’s back to the more traditional grinding. She’s done enough quests that pre level 60 she would easily have levelled. Still the quest rewards seem quite nice – so many pieces of mail armour!

I grouped with a pally at one point and we ended up going into a dungeon, visit this fortunately we found a healer so I didn’t have to fill that role, though more on that later. As usual I over-aggroed a number of times, but the most memorable incident was when the other shaman in the party got pissed off with the hunter and just quit, right before the first boss. We did manage to down him with just four of us. I think my strategy was duff on this fight, I kept bashing away at the boss alongside the tank but he barely lost any health until his minions were downed. I’m guessing the strategy I should have followed should have been let the tank keep the boss occupied and the DPS down his friends.

What I did well

  • During the boss fight I stopped when my health got low and fired off a few heals.

What I should have done better:

  • Taken a break from DPS whenever my aggro got too high and done a bit of healing, ideally chain heals.
  • Kept a much better eye on the healer, he took quite a bit of bashing.
  • Read up on the instance.

General comments on the instance:

The other Shaman got pissy with the hunter over a particular set of pulls. I think the issue was that the hunter was pulling a particular marked target with misdirected shot, when in this particular case he should have been pulling a different mob. I recon the issue was that the leader was not marking in the way the hunter was used to. The shammy in question should really have simply re-explained the marking strategy.

Just before we started I’d seen this shaman on general chat having an argument about old-world instances, so I’m inclined to think he was feeling a bit aggressive.

The rest of the group seemed fine.

Talent spec:

While my current spec is extremely heavy on damage which is fine for soloing it’s not so hot in groups. I think I should gimp my damage/solo capability in favour of helping groups. That means dropping some of the talents and putting them into the restoration tree. This should mean I can heal in a group, the downside is that levelling may be harder.

Hellfire Peninsular:

Mob strategy is different here, quite a lot of them come in small groups, it’s quite difficult to finish a fight without getting adds. At the moment this is only mildly annoying, I can pretty much always handle two mobs, and a third is doable if it’s not a caster and they come in a little after the fight has started. I’m having to use a slightly different set of totems and be more reactive. I can’t hold conversations while fighting anymore.

There’s a few members of the guild in this area and I think I should be taking the opportunity to see if we want to put together a small guild questing group.
Next steps:

Level all my 2 handed weapons, If I respec it’s entirely possibly that I’ll lose dual wield, so I need to get my two-handers back to usable skill levels. There’s some nice mobs near the portal in the old world that can’t be killed in certain areas, these should make useful practice targets.

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