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Monday, 11 February, 2008


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Well, recipe Flowersz is currently tootling around Hellfire doing quests. Now she’s level 60 the amount of XP required to level has jumped tremendously so it’s back to the more traditional grinding. She’s done enough quests that pre level 60 she would easily have levelled. Still the quest rewards seem quite nice – so many pieces of mail armour!

I grouped with a pally at one point and we ended up going into a dungeon, visit this fortunately we found a healer so I didn’t have to fill that role, though more on that later. As usual I over-aggroed a number of times, but the most memorable incident was when the other shaman in the party got pissed off with the hunter and just quit, right before the first boss. We did manage to down him with just four of us. I think my strategy was duff on this fight, I kept bashing away at the boss alongside the tank but he barely lost any health until his minions were downed. I’m guessing the strategy I should have followed should have been let the tank keep the boss occupied and the DPS down his friends.

What I did well

  • During the boss fight I stopped when my health got low and fired off a few heals.

What I should have done better:

  • Taken a break from DPS whenever my aggro got too high and done a bit of healing, ideally chain heals.
  • Kept a much better eye on the healer, he took quite a bit of bashing.
  • Read up on the instance.

General comments on the instance:

The other Shaman got pissy with the hunter over a particular set of pulls. I think the issue was that the hunter was pulling a particular marked target with misdirected shot, when in this particular case he should have been pulling a different mob. I recon the issue was that the leader was not marking in the way the hunter was used to. The shammy in question should really have simply re-explained the marking strategy.

Just before we started I’d seen this shaman on general chat having an argument about old-world instances, so I’m inclined to think he was feeling a bit aggressive.

The rest of the group seemed fine.

Talent spec:

While my current spec is extremely heavy on damage which is fine for soloing it’s not so hot in groups. I think I should gimp my damage/solo capability in favour of helping groups. That means dropping some of the talents and putting them into the restoration tree. This should mean I can heal in a group, the downside is that levelling may be harder.

Hellfire Peninsular:

Mob strategy is different here, quite a lot of them come in small groups, it’s quite difficult to finish a fight without getting adds. At the moment this is only mildly annoying, I can pretty much always handle two mobs, and a third is doable if it’s not a caster and they come in a little after the fight has started. I’m having to use a slightly different set of totems and be more reactive. I can’t hold conversations while fighting anymore.

There’s a few members of the guild in this area and I think I should be taking the opportunity to see if we want to put together a small guild questing group.
Next steps:

Level all my 2 handed weapons, If I respec it’s entirely possibly that I’ll lose dual wield, so I need to get my two-handers back to usable skill levels. There’s some nice mobs near the portal in the old world that can’t be killed in certain areas, these should make useful practice targets.

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