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Wednesday, 13 February, 2008

Levelling weapon skills

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 10:03 am

What a Faf!

Yesterday I levelled my 2 handed axes and staves to 280 (out of 305 @level 61) . This isn’t enough to actually make them fully useful, erectile to do that they should be at about 295. I stopped at 280 because I was getting bored after an hour or more.

Some tips:

  • There are some level 54 mobs (Servants of XXX) in the Badlands that cannot be killed if they are far enough away from their “home” position. This means you can keep on hitting them forever banging off the occasional heal to stay alive. You can pull them to a “safe” spot where you won’t get any interference. A plus is that any helpful players passing can’t kill them either, you get enough time to explain what you are doing and then they go away and leave you alone.
  • Speed of hitting is important, a tip from the web is to buy the fastest cheapest weapon of that class and use that, it doesn’t matter if the weapon is weak, you’re not trying to kill the mob. I didn’t use this technique, but I’ll certainly use it next time. Given the time it takes with a slow weapon even a 20% improvement is going to be worthwhile. My stave was 3.60, a quick browse shows that staves with a speed of 2.90 aren’t uncommon that’s a speed gain of around 20%. There’s even one (rare) stave at 2.1 speed (40%)!

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