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Friday, 15 February, 2008

Grind, Grind, Grind

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I decided to get Flowersz mining up to scratch last night. She outlevelled her mining skill so that she was questing in areas where she couldn’t mine, medicine which meant she couldn’t level her mining and so the vicious circle gets started.

Anyway it took a good couple of hours just wandering around mining Mithril nodes to get from 225 to 243. Fortunately this now means she can mine a whole munch of new nodes so I’m hoping skilling up should speed up. Mining is definitely a casualty of the new quicker levelling process. I did do a little skilling up of my daggers while I was at it, illness but not enough yet.

Tonights plan:

  • Level up mining a bit more, medicine ideally to 265 (I have +5 mining gloves), so I can mine pretty much anything I see.
  • Send all the ores in my bank to an alt to free up space.
  • Open all those in game Valentines day gifts and squirrel away the choccies in the bank.
  • Empty my bags of instance only (mainly scrolls and buffs) gear into the bank so I have more space generally.

Looking around the net there are a few mining guides, but none show the most appropriate ores for a level, so here’s a list. The ores in () are green at that level, but may still give a skill up.

Level       Ore                          (green ores)
25         Copper
50                                         (Copper)
65         Incendite, Tin             (Copper)
75         Incendite, Tin, Silver    (Copper)
90         Incendite, Tin, Silver    (Copper)
100       Incendite, Tin, Silver    (none)
115       Silver                         (Incendite, Tin)
125       Iron                           (Incendite, Tin, Silver)
150       Indurium, Iron            (Incendite, Tin, Silver)
155       Indurium, Iron, Gold    (Incendite, Tin, Silver)
165       Indurium, Iron, Gold    (Silver)
175       Mithril, Indurium, Gold  (Iron)
200       Mithril, Gold                 (Iron, Indurium)
205       Mithril                         (Iron, Indurium, Gold)
225       none!                         (Mithril, Indurium, Gold)
230       Truesilver, Dark Iron    (Mithril, Indurium, Gold)
245       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril, Indurium, Gold)
250       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril, Gold)
255       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril)
270       S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron    (Mithril)
275       All Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron   (none)
280       All Thorium,                (Truesilver, D Iron)
295       R & H Thorium            (S Thorium, Truesilver, D Iron)

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