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Monday, 25 February, 2008

Not much to say

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 3:12 pm

Skilled cooking up to 300 by going to Silithus and doing the mandatory quest there, case and then immediately skilled it up to 327. Flowersz has dinged to level 62, she spent over 23 hours at level 61. Yup you read that correctly almost an entire day on one level! The majority of it was spent skilling mining. Bleaugh!

Anyway 62 means I’ve got dual wield back again. I think I prefer dual wield, mashing a big 2 handed axe seems wasteful when the windfury proc goes off on the last hit. It’s fun when you get the right rolls of the dice – One shotting a level 58 mob is just too silly! Dual wielding though is more consistent and gives a much better chance for Focussed to be activated, gotta love the 60% mana reduction.

Going 1/3 restoration doesn’t seem to have gimped me too much, things are a little slower to die, and I have to heal more often, but I don’t seem to be dying any more often. Nature’s Swiftness + healing wave is a great instant heal combination.

I’ve got Water Shield now, which gives mana back. My playstyle is now tending towards cast Lightning shield before a fight, wait for it to be used up, and then cast Water shield for the last bit of the fight to regain the mana I’ve lost on shocks. Chain-Lightning has more uses in outlands since so many mobs come with a couple of weak side kicks.

Incredibly playing a Shaman is still fun, I hope I can heal well enough, if I can then I’m pretty much set for groups for the next few levels. With my current spec I should be better suited for healing than a full Shadow Priest. I need to get into an instance as a healer to see if I can manage that.

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