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Wednesday, 27 February, 2008

Personal analysis of my humbling

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I usually do one of these after I’ve grouped, nurse though normally they’re quite a bit more of a gentle nudging.

What went well:

  • Hmmm not an awful lot really. Eventually switched to Dual Wield which improved my mana conservation (Focused ftw) which in turn sped up the kill rate. I think.
  • I didn’t use Flame Shock, ampoule it wouldn’t have lasted long enough to be useful.

What could have been done better:

  • I should have considered the evening as being in a team, generic and specifically not played as if I were soloing with someone else. I should have stood “shoulder to shoulder” more often.
  • I really must learn a faster playstyle. When soloing I usually do one mob at a time, and this really doesn’t mesh well with other’s playstyles.
  • I could have used Rank 1 Earth Shock, although looking at the stats 28% of my damage was from this spell.
  • Once I realized that the Darkcrest Sorceresses Freezing Circle was such a high damage dealer I should have held back on the Earth Shocks for interrupts. The Arcane Bolts didn’t hurt anything like as much as Freezing Circle, and didn’t trap me either.
  • I should use Frost Shock more often on non-casters, my current staple is Earth Shock for the 20% bonus from Stormstrike, but frost shock is better on “runners”.
  • I should have tried the Frost Resistance Totem out, it might have helped mitigate the effects of the Freezing Circle.
  • I didn’t purge often enough on the Sorceresses, though I was getting better at it by the end.
  • I probably should have used more lightning bolts and lightning shields, though I can’t be sure.
  • I should drop mana totems more frequently.
  • Maybe switched to a shield occasionally during the some of fights.
  • I should joke more in chat.
  • I should RP more in chat.
  • Enjoyed myself more.


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Well and truly humbled last night. I’ve been looking forwards to doing some group questing for some time now, sildenafil and last night I got the opportunity to team up with a guild mate, Venomsquid, that I have “admired” (not quite the right word) for a while. This is only the second time I’ve ever teamed up on a group quest for more than a couple of minutes.

Well it didn’t go so good, in PuGs I’ve always felt that I could keep my end up, but last night I was just totally outclassed. I wasn’t a complete waste from a damage perspective, but from a playstyle perspective I was shit! I died 7 times to his once, each time leaving him to clean up the hordes of mobs that I’d aggroed. I ran out of mana frequently, sometimes after a single fight. I didn’t switch to Dual Wield until quite late. I got trapped in a Freezing Circle literally a dozen times. I even left him behind once on a “run out”. And still he didn’t die!

Despite all this Squid, was really cool about it – I’m well and truly humbled.

I’ll be updating this post in a bit.

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