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Friday, 29 February, 2008


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Responded to a request to group for the “Overlord” quest in Hellfire Peninsula. I took the healing role. Went well. Four of us downed him on the second attempt. The second, therapist and successful, pull was an accident while the tank was having a look around so we weren’t bunched up or properly totemed.
Spammed Healing Wave and Lesser Healing wave on the pally tank, just about kept him up before I ran out of mana. I can now see a use for the Healing Way talent, previously I thought I wouldn’t be healing that hard, but it seems that I will. I have a talent Tidal mastery that increases the effect of my critical heals/Lightning bolt. But I didn’t crit once. I think I would have better put the points elsewhere until I get enough spell crit.
I should have used Chain lightning a bit more.

Did use the Hypnotist’s Watch to successfully lose aggro at one point in the fight. Yay!

I didn’t heal the Mage at all in the second attempt, I think he didn’t take much damage early on and then got flattened while I was battling to keep the tank up. He may also have been out of range since he’s not in the combat log much.

I upgraded my gear with stuff from from the AH, got it enchanted by my alt Szar. Flowersz now has almost 1000 extra HP with a little loss on crit chance. But since I’m using a quick dagger that isn’t such a big problem. More hits per minute = more crits per minute. I’ve also got some healing gear which is in the bank even though I needed it last night.
I’m now in dagger and shield after reading up on how Blizzard try to balance 1 hand & Shield vs 2 handed vs dual wield.

Basically the Dual Wield and 2 Handed are balanced to do about the same amount of damage because of the “off-hand” and dual wield penalties. As far as I can tell without the improved chance to hit using the Dual Wield talent going DW isn’t worth it. I don’t currently have that talent.

1 hand + Shield vs 2 Handed, Blizzard have tried to rig it so that although it takes longer to kill a particular mob you also take less damage. At least this is against non-magic using mobs.

I’m not noticing any significant problems at the moment, though I can see I’m going to have to go DW or 2 handed against magic users.

A minor respec may be on the cards in another level.

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