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Thursday, 7 February, 2008

Flowers begins to bloom.

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Flowersz dinged 60 recently. This makes her sort-of grown up.

I’ve had a couple of days off ill, sickness not feeling very well at all. So I took the time to do only the very simple stuff on Flowersz. She ran around the Eastern Kingdoms collecting tokens from the easily accessible elders and got herself a purple dress, very pretty. She’s got enough tokens for a blue pants suit for when she feels a little less girly.

She’s now also exalted with Darnassus so she can get a tiger mount rather than the ugly elek. The Darnassus reputation grind was surprisingly straight-forwards, and more importantly, given my condition, easy. Because she’s level 60 and the quests were level 20 or less there was no chance of her dying. She did all the quests in “Teldrassil”, then all the quests in “Darkshore” and finally a couple of quests in Ashenvale to top it off. I guess it took about 14 or so hours all told. A lot of time, but then I wasn’t mentally capable of doing anything harder. One nice thing, even nicer than single shotting mobs, was that they don’t attack you unless you run up and practically kick their butts! It did teach me how useless magma totem was, it takes three ticks to kill a level 20.

On the guild front, there was a last minute attempt to organise a raid on Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire last night. I only found out about just as it was about to start and couldn’t commit the time. However it does give me some hope that I may soon be able to get involved in lower level raiding. Here’s hoping the groups aren’t too filled with level 70s and end up feeling like boosts.
I’ve not dungeoned as much as I would like on Flowersz despite my desire to do so. The recent levelling speed improvements have practically wiped out any reason for me to do instances, Flowersz levels so fast that she’s only been eligible for a particular dungeon for about a fortnight, or only two set aside nights. Now she’s hit 60 levelling will slow down and she should be eligible more often, I just need to get my act together.

Relatedly I may need to think hard and long about re-speccing so I can fill a healing role if need be, though I don’t really want to compromise my melee DPS capabilites as enhancement. I know from previous groups that finding both a healer and a tank/warrior can be hard so it might help things along if I can offer to fill the healing role.

On the play time front, it took Flowersz less than 8 days played to hit 60, while it took Szar 20 days. Some of the difference is due to quicker levelling, some due to using alts to work the auction house and some simply due to being more experienced.

Monday, 4 February, 2008

Flowersz gets Outlandish

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Flowersz popped 58 this weekend, nurse went through the Dark Portal and tootled over to Shattrath to make that her “home” city.

Despite being able to go to Outlands I don’t think Flowersz will be questing there immediately. The quest rewards in the old place are pretty good and if she stays there for a little longer she’ll find it easier because she’ll be fighting mobs at or below her level.

She’s also gone a bit “funny” and wants a Tiger as her level 60 mount rather than an “Elek”, so she needs to get her reputation with Darnassus up to exulted. This means she’s got to go to the Elves starting areas and do as many quests there as she can find. These will give her “reputation” but no experience points. On the plus side the quests will be trivially easy to complete, on the minus side she’s going to have to hunt around for quest-givers as they won’t be marked on her map. I might as well use the time to level up my unarmed and dagger skills.

So I’m going to limit my time on the “rep grind” to no more than an hour a night. The rest of the time will be spent in Western/Eastern Plaguelands, and possibly Sithilus.

I’ll not be going into a Dungeon tonight – I just don’t feel like it.

I am slightly worried by my reluctance to go into Outlands and I’m hoping I’m not going to start suffering from the same ennui that I encountered on my Warlock and which eventually ended up with me starting this Shaman.

Only time will tell.

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