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Thursday, 14 February, 2008


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I thought I’d try to make Flowersz a little more flexible in a group, cystitis so I’ve respecced 0/31/21 an Enhancement/Restoration hybrid. This should make her a capable healer, drugs if not the best, physiotherapy in a group, and still keep reasonable levelling/DPS capability.
I’ve held of doing this until I could get either Dual Wield or Stormstrike (instant attack+) and Natures Swiftness (instant cast) which meant level 61. In the end I opted for Stormstrike so I could get an extra attack every 10 seconds, if I’m careful with timing. With a 3.60 speed staff Stormstrike should be a significant boost, we’ll see.

So I tried this out questing in Hellfire last night and it was slow while I topped up my weapon skill on staves, then it improved quiet a bit. The biggest difference is the spikiness of the damage. Only one hit every 3.5 seconds doesn’t give much chance for all those shaman proc based buffs. Windfury activates only every other fight or so, and I’ve become used to doing a Stormstrike and waiting for Focused to proc before hitting with a ground shock to get both 60% mana reduction and 20% extra damage. With the slower hit rate, and only half as many hits these bonus procs have become rare enough that I don’t always get focused while the Stormstrike bonus is on.

Things did seem to change towards the end of the session as my weapon skills became more suitable. We’ll see how things go, though I’ve also got to level my 2H Axes and 2H Maces now.
One of the reasons for respeccing is because my guild has a few members at roughly the same level as Flowersz in the same area. We’ve a Rogues, Mages, Hunters, a full retribution Paladin, and me. Though the pally can heal he’s in Plate and I’m in Mail so if a group were made up of all of us it would be better for him to Tank and me to heal. Of course it also influenced me that most PUG’s I’ve been in have been waiting for a healer or Tank. Well, I can’t tank, so healer it is.
Side Note:

I’m aware that the Restoration and Elemental trees have better synergy, but I got bored of my lvl 60 warlock and I don’t want to go back to spellcasting DPS just yet.

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