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Tuesday, 4 March, 2008

It’s a different game

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Now I’m in Outlands I’ve discovered that it’s a slightly different game. The quests are still the same, oncology but the way you approach them is different. First of all there were the mobs in Hellfire peninsula which come in small groups, now I’m discovering that the “enhancement” spells I cast are making a difference. Previously I simply Dual Wielded with WindFury on both weapons, now I make a choice between Dagger and Shield or Dual Wield, and even change my weapon spells. I’ve come up with some basics.

Against “Warriors” I try to put Flametongue on at least one weapon since, being magic, it bypasses their armor and so does more damage. I sometimes use a Shield as well to reduce the incoming damage by about 50%.

Against Spellcasters I try to Dual Wield with Windfury to kill them as fast as possible. Their spells bypass my armor so I really need to down them ASAP. I’ve even put a rank 1 earth shock spell on my keybindings so that if I run out of mana I can still stop some of their casts.

Against some animal mobs I’ve learned that they will typically cast a nasty spell after the fight has been going on for a bit, so now I have to keep my shock spells in reserve rather than simply “spamming” them whenever they’re ready.
Likewise I’m starting to use the “resistance” totems, for example against the “umbrafen eels” the nature resistance totem seems to halve the damage they do me.

I’m still learning the game. I guess if I had been PvPing I would have learned some of this already – but I don’t PvP. Enhancement Shaman are allegedly rubbish at PvP, and I don’t have a real mouse on my laptop so my mobility, which I’m told is important in PvP, is quite poor.
Post level 60 your success in Outlands is much more oriented towards the equipment you are wearing than to the actual level you’re at. I seem to be continually upgrading my stuff with quest rewards, at level 63 I’m on my third piece of chest mail already!
I really must sort out my bags and my healing set. I’ve got heaps and heaps of food filling my bag slots, several items of potential healing gear in the bank, and even more Healing and fighting geat that I bought from the Auction House in the mail.


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Soon after I started WoW I realized I wouldn’t be Role Playing. Obviously I’d kinda decided this already because I didn’t pick an RP realm. It was slightly interesting that there was absolutely no role playing going on at all, website like this but not much. My first character pretty much soloed all the time anyway, so interaction with any potential RPers was always going to be nil.

It’s come as a bit of a surprise that I now have the opportunity to RP a little. Not your full on stuff, but more of a little bit of playing “pretend”. And it all came about by accident.

Some background: Flowersz is a Draenei Shaman, who happens to be female. She’s the first female character I’ve created in WoW, and was only female because I wanted to play a Shaman, so she had to be a Draenei, and I already had a Male Draeni. In real life I am an English male, not female, and not alien. The Shaman class has really grown on me and so despite being of a different gender and race Flowersz is now the character that I play 90% of the time.

A couple of days ago I grouped up with another guild mate (see Humbled). During the game he kept referring to me as “missy” and even later on as his “queen”. After the “queen” comment I started to point out that I was not as he might expect and he smoothed my feathers down. So we’re playing this “my queen”/”my hero” game the next day on guild chat when he pops up a whisper and has a good laugh, because it turns out he didn’t actually know I was male.

All this has inspired me to post a fairly rubbish piece of fiction in his praise (see humbled again) to the guild forums, written from the view of a young female draenei .

I hope Squid doesn’t mind.

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