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Wednesday, 5 March, 2008

LF PUG Ramparts

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:56 am

Went into Hellfire Ramparts last night with a PuG, case mostly level 60s with Flowers at 63. It went better than the last time I went in there, approved but we still wiped a few times, and twice on the second boss. The second attempt on “Omar the Unscarred” was better than the first, but we still only got him down to about 40%. I kept pulling aggro at first, though I managed to control it more sensibly by the time we reached Omar. I think the only other member of the group that had an aggro meter was the full resto shaman. I’m not too sure what was wrong with the group, there didn’t seem to be any complete idiots. We had a pretty good healer. The rogue seemed to be doing his job, the resto shaman did pretty much as well as can be expected when DPS’ing. It was either me, the Prot Pally tank, or just the group makeup. Ah well, I’ll think I’ll make it my aim to try ramparts again and again until I’m in a group that clears it.

On the plus side the unguilded resto shaman spoke to me after the run and has put me on her friends list, which is flattering.

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