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Thursday, 6 March, 2008

BF Group Makeup

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Most of this group were really good, viagra 40mg apart from Getz i’d group with any of them again.

20:00 Start.

  • Draconangel   61 Human    Prot    Warrior    [Hippy Knights]   (521)
  • Birlin    64    Dwarf    Fury    Warrior    [MenowaR] (508)
  • Getz   60 Human Prot Paladin [S Y M B I O T E] (399)
  • Vomir   62 Draenei Shaman [Made by Poland] (463)
  • Flowersz   63 Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] (534)

20:45, ask Birlin & Vomir leave, Stronghide & Damodred join.

  • Draconangel   61 Human    Prot    Warrior    [Hippy Knights]   (521)
  • Damodred 66 Draenei beast Mastery Hunter [The Aventine Succession] (525)
  • Getz   60 Human Prot Paladin [S Y M B I O T E] (399)
  • Stronghide 62 Night Elf Feral Combat Druid [Hippy Knights] (490)
  • Flowersz   63 Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] (534)

21:35 Getz leaves closely followed by Damodred

21:50 Sinistre,Ministirth joins 

  • Draconangel   61 Human    Prot    Warrior    [Hippy Knights]   (521)
  • Stronghide 62 Night Elf Feral Combat Druid [Hippy Knights] (490)
  • Flowersz   63 Draenei Shaman [Munqui Tribe] (534)
  • Sinistre 62 Night Elf Combat Rogue [Cookie] (538)
  • Ministirth 62 Human Arms Warrior [TreeHugers] (525)

22:58 Party disbands

Blood Furnace

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Well I was trying to get into Hellfire Ramparts last night and no-one wanted to go there. So I ended up joining a group for the Blood Furnace a level 61-63 instance. Since the group couldn’t find a healer it fell to me to be the main healer. I slapped on my healing gear, glands which I had packed especially because I knew was going to do an instance and felt there was a fair chance it would be as a healer. This is the first time I’d worn all my healing gear.

The instance took 3 hours from starting so I had to stay up late.
Fortunately most of the group, at the start, were plate wearers. In fact despite several changes in the group makeup the majority were always tank capable. I feel, after the event, that this made for a good first healing experience, especially as a “gimped” healer – I’ve only gone 1/3 into the Resto tree so I’m missing quite a few of the particularly nice talents.

Did it go well? Hmm, not as well as it might have, but the quality of the players was definitely in the fair to good range which made up for my inexperience. We actually managed to get through to the last boss and wiped on him twice. Since then I’ve read the strategy and I’ve come to realize that we simply handled that boss wrongly, and if handled correctly we could probably have wiped the floor with him.

I did far better than I thought I would, true I died 9 times in all, and true we had complete wipes a few times. It’s very true to say I was saved several times by the playing of the others, they consistently noticed when I was under attack and pulled aggro back off me, even switching to backup healing and “bubbling” me when needed.

The only downer in the group was a Prot Paladin called Getz, who I played with yesterday, he wasn’t the main tank today. Eventually he quit in a minor fit after I was combat rezzed, claiming he was quite capable of handling healing. Really, I’m not at all sure he was. Out of the members in the initial group makeup he was the hardest to keep “upright”, harder than the other Shaman who was in mail. He kept forgetting to give out buffs as well, even after reminding. Anyway he has now been tagged with a low Karma, so there!

I was mildly amused when we retried the second boss and I got locked out of the room and had to heal through the bars.

At around 10 to 10 I had a minor panic when I couldn’t get into the parental controls to reset my logout time, fortunately it was back up by about 5 to 10, otherwise the group would have suddenly lost their healer. I must remember to adjust before going in.
A couple of the group have added me as a “Friend”, once again flattering.

I even won a blue! Not useful for healing, but it’s going to be nice for questing. Everyone in the group at the time could use it so we all “needed” after a discussion.
What went well:

  • I only ran out of mana once, and that was after blowing a cooldown and a health pot trying to stay alive.
  • I didn’t panic when I got adds, I ran towards the melee like the guides say. I’d like to think this helped.
  • I used chain heal a fair bit. Like they recommend.
  • I think I put down a reasonable set of totems.
  • I had, I think, passable +healing gear, after including mental quickness it came to around +400.

What I could have done better:

  • Used my cool new +healing trinket far more often. It’s only on a 2 minute cooldown so I could sometimes have used it twice a fight. I only occasionally used even once!
  • Paid far more attention to the Rogue (at the end), as a leather wearer she was far more squishy than the others but I was only giving her the same amount of attention.
  • Used Gift of the Naruu more than once! Our rogue could certainly have benefited hugely from it!
  • Used the fire totems more, I didn’t lay any down at all, both for fear of getting aggro and pulling unwanted adds.
  • Respecced a lot deeper into the Restoration tree.

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