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Friday, 7 March, 2008

To the munquis

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A couple of times this blog has been spotted by my guild, disinfection the Munqui Tribe, malady when it’s been brought up in Guild Chat I’ve nearly always acted embarrassed and hinted that this blog is “not for the reading of”.

Yeah I’m shy.

So what!

Read away.

If I really didn’t want anyone to read my feeble musings I wouldn’t post them.

To rest(o) or not.

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I’ve been pondering my healing run the other day. I’m thinking that the large number of deaths can be explained by

  1. typical PuGishness, viagra
  2. overall inexperience with the encounters
  3. novice healer

another factor could so easily be that I was only 1/3 restoration spec.
I’m going to have to get off the fence and decide, Restoration or Enhancement. At the moment I’m only “talented” enough in the Resto tree for an off healer, and they don’t really exist in 5 man groups. I could backup heal, when the healer dies, but I don’t think I’m mentally flexible enough to make such a large change midst fight.

I think I will respec as Full Restoration, this will mean quite a change to my playing. I’ll have to do more instances for XP since I’ll find questing slower. I’ll need to be able to devote longer periods at one time to playing rather than hopping on for an hour and a bit every night. Ideally I’d find a questing buddy and regular instance group.


I’ve done some playing on with the talent tool and I’ve got the following numbers out of it, this is wearing my “healing gear”:

                              Talentless    Current    Resto
Lesser Healing Wave    HpM     2.6          2.8        3
                       Heal    1000         1063       1134
             HPS (inc crit)    695.4        756.3      803.6
Healing Wave           HpM     3.2          3.4        3.6
                       Heal    2088         2212       2365
             HPS (inc crit)    725.6        944.7      1005
Chain Heal             HpM     2            2.2        2.7
                      Heal     849          952        1170
                       HPS     353.9        406.7      497.4
Chain Heal (2 targets) HpM     3            3.3        4.05
                      Heal     1273.5       1428       1755
                       HPS     530.85       610.05     746.1
Chain Heal (3 targets) HpM     3.5          3.85       4.725
                      Heal     1485.75      1666       2047.5
                       HPS     619.325      711.725    870.45

This is absolutely not as I expected. The rough differences between my current build and a full restoration are:

Lesser Healing Wave ~ 6%,
Healing Wave ~ 7%
Chain Heal ~ 23%
Between talentless and Full Resto:

Lesser Healing Wave ~ 14%,
Healing Wave ~ 14%
Chain Heal ~ 38%

So to me, this means that not going Resto will gimp my single target healing spells by about 8%. Of course this does mean I don’t get the desirable Chain Heal boost, nor Earth Shield nor Mana Spring.
On the other hand, respeccing only costs gold (50g to try it and switch back) and will definitely give me some practice at what is likely to be my end-game role. 50 Gold is about 1/3 of my savings so it’s not chicken feed, then again it will change the game, and let me know if I really want to go resto at the end.

So there you go.

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