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Sunday, 9 March, 2008


Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 6:33 pm

Went and respecced Resto on Saturday, cure healed Slave Pens on Sunday, cheap went well, went really fast. Though we did have a 69 with us and a Discipline Priest. Unfortunately I got so carried away speccing Resto I ran out of points for Enhancement. So now Mobs die before I do, but they die of old age rather than because I’m actively killing them.

At least the respec cost 5g less than I was expecting. So here we go, back to the trainer!. Oh yeah, mana tide doesn’t seem very exciting, though earth shield isn’t bad. I’m going for a mana tide free build, instead going down to get shamanistic focus for the 60% less mana on shocks.

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