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Monday, 10 March, 2008

Sunday in the Slave Pens

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Sundays Slave Pens party was

  • Stronghide 64 Night Elf Feral Combat Druid [Hippy Knights] (524)
  • Fendel 69 Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter [Puur Hollands]
  • Katibri 63 Draenei Fire Mage (522)
  • Hordslayer 67 Human Discipline Priest [Adrenaline Rush]
  • Flowersz 64 Draenei Restoration Shaman [Munqui Tribe]

The whole instance took 1h 18m from first being invited. The actual instance run took from 14:44 to about 15:30, there three quarters of an hour is pretty damn fast for an instance. No-one died, opisthorchiasis at all! The XP gain was fairly good. Looks like I’m going to be forced into instances to level up.

Unfortunately because the instance was sooo fast I didn’t really get a chance to know anyone, nor how well they were actually playing. So no-one has been added to my friends list.

I also did a Munqui Tribe boost into Zul’Farrak just to get the Carrot on a Stick (+3% riding speed). Oddly that instance took almost as long as the Slave Pens run. Still it was nice to play with some guildies for a change.

One thing I’ve noticed about being the healer in a group is the lack of vendor trash loot. All the mobs get looted by the melee and there’s rarely anything left for me. Since vendor trash makes for at least a couple of gold when I’m melee this is a little disappointing. At least I can still skin some of the leftovers for a few silver.

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