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Friday, 14 March, 2008

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee, I’m a laughing shaman and you can’t kill me.

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Ho ho ho, sick hee hee hee, I’m a laughing shaman and you can’t kill me. Unless you’re another player of course.

Since I’ve gone Restoration I don’t think I’ve died once outside of instances. The fights take longer, and I now have to “rotate” my elemental shields depending on how much health or mana I have. Usually starting with lightning shield, refreshing until I get low on mana and then popping Water Shield to regen a bit of mana for heals. Sometimes I put an Earth Shield up for a change, though I prefer to use this as a random buff on strangers. I have actually taken on two mobs of the same level as me at once, though not intentionally. In one epic fight I was pulling an add/respawn every time I killed one and I kept this up for about 5 or 6 mobs before I gave up and ran away. I completed almost all of my kill quest in that one fight! I’m getting egotistical now!
I’ve gotten better at “popping” my trinkets and cooldowns when questing, though I’m still rubbish at it when healing in instances.

Speaking of instances, I’ve done a few instances lately for practice as a healer, and I definitely need it. I’ve now healed a good handful of instances, I started on Slave Pens and Underbog, but since then I’ve been concentrating on the Hellfire ones because there’s a more leeway for making mistakes. Unfortunately I’ve not picked up a single blue from these runs. C’est la vie!
Obviously I’ve been pugging again, and again I’ve come to realise a few PUGs are “good”, the rest is an even split between “fair” and “poor”, the difference is usually obvious within a couple of trash pulls. Curiously a good leader can make quite a difference.

The last group I was in had fairly experienced tank, mage and hunter, I can’t comment on the warlock because he didn’t say much at all. Anyway the tank had to go AFK for about 10 minutes to handle something and we kept on trying to deal with the trash. There was a fair bit of rancor during this process, so much so that I was seriously thinking of quitting the group – which would have been a first for me. Anyway the tank came back and we got back into the swing of things. We nearly wiped a couple of times, but only wiped once on Nazan when I stood in the way of his flame. I got a little advice from the tank and we downed him.

It was all practice for me, which I badly need. What I found interesting as a healer about the encounter was having to literally spam Healing Wave on the tank to keep them up, chugging a mana pot half way through. It seemed like a tough fight to me!

I’ve still got to learn to use my vengance of the illidari +healing trinket more often, it’s only got a 2 minute cooldown and at the very least could be used to boost things like Earth Shield. I’ve also got to learn to keep a better eye on the squishies, particularly the Mages, they really are glass cannons without any stamina!
Earth Shield by the way is fantastically cool. Every-time I use it on a tank I notice how much slower their HP bar goes down. It makes life soo much easier as a healer.

I also have to learn to recast totems when they expire. I’m fairly sure that they’re disappearing part way through the fights. I may even hack an addon together to verbally announce timeouts since I never notice the visual clues and aways have sound on when I’m in a group.
On the guild front: I missed out on a guild group that went into Dire Maul, but I’m now on notice that I will be getting more practice!

Flowersz is now level 66, and may yet reach level 70.

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