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Monday, 17 March, 2008

Healing and Earth Shield notes from the BloodFurnace run

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Yeah, website like this yeah, here this isn’t of any interest to anyone but me.

EarthShield on the warrior accounted for 115k heals averaging 416 heal per go.

Direct heals on the warrior from Flowersz accounted for 260k heals. So about 1/3 of the heals on our tank were from Earth Shield. I thought he was easier to keep up. Respect to the Wrath of Air + Vengence of the Illidari trinket combo.

The warrior did chug 3 healing pots though, which is a shame.

On the Earth Shield front, I see that it was either healing for 350, 380, 415, or 445. In my normal gear, unbuffed it heals for about 240.

  • 240 – plain with normal fighting kit
  • 350 – plain with healing gear
  • 380 – healing gear + Wrath of Air
  • 415 – healing gear + Vengence
  • 445 – healing gear + Vengence + Wrath of Air

So a fully buffed earth shield can contribute 4.4k of healing over 10 charges, that’s worth almost 2 full Healing Waves, or 3 Lesser Healing waves or 4 chain heals in my healing uniform, usually with Wrath of Air deployed. I’m certainly going to make this spell rotation part of my normal pre-pull practice.

A breakdown of my healing would be around 580k direct, 115k Earth Shield and 100k healing stream. So as is usual with Shaman a reasonable amount of the quality output (30%) comes from indirect sources, in this case Earth Shield and Healing Stream.

This shows that Healing Stream contributes significantly. The only issue is that healing stream means no mana spring. This isn’t a problem if there are 2 shaman since I can rely on the DPS shaman to lay a mana spring totem, it is more of a worry if I’m the only shaman present.

The group used 5 healing pots in all, 3 on the tank, and 2 on the off tank. The hunters didn’t use any at all!

The death list:

  • 5 – Murree (62 Hunter) [Shadow Keepers of Insani] 5.8k Health
  • 3 – Shariaati (64 Enh Shaman) [Cookie] 5.2k Health
  • 2 – Tirekssuperr (62 Arms Warrior) [Brigada] 6.3k Health
  • 2 – Dikkedwarf (61 Hunter) [Hands up Pants Down] 5.3k Health
  • 1 – Flowersz (66 Resto Shaman) [Munqui Tribe] 5k Health

I must point out that Murree got as many heals as the other hunter Dikkedwarf, I’m guessing most of his deaths were caused by his pet dying. Dikkedwarf didn’t have his pet out as much.

Clearing up some old quests and a Blood Furnace run

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This weekend I successfully made an effort to clear up some old group quests in my quest log. My quest log has been filling up with group quests lately so I thought I’d have a go a t clearing them down. Most of the quests were level 62 or thereabouts so didn’t present a lot of problems. Sunday morning and evening seem to be quite good times to do this. I got help on most of the quests from strangers passing through which was really really nice. I even had a hand from a hordie on an escort quest, medications obviously I returned the favor when he went back and did it himself.

I also managed to get in a group for the Blood Furnace which we cleared with only one full wipe, human enhancement though we did end up with just myself and the off-tank standing at the end of one of the boss fights. My healing gear is now quite improved with around +500 healing. I accept that level 66 is actually a bit high for this instance, but then again I am still fairly novice.

I am now the healer that played with his steam tonk controller during a pull. My only excuse is that I thought the tanks and primary dps could handle a single pull on their own. I was wrong, the DPS died. Ooops, my bad. Oh yeah and :-).

Unfortunately in good groups I personally am finding it harder to evaluate the players. When no-one accidentally pulls extra aggro, and there are hardly any deaths, how can you tell who’s the player that is highly skilled/pulls the group together? Some clues seem to be:

  • announces on each trash pull that they need the Gun of Outrageous Power from the last boss.
  • never talk on chat.
  • never bandage themselves before the next pull.
  • ask for food for their pet.
  • get narky about not being resurrected immediately. Sometimes in the middle of combat.
  • Loot during pulls.

On the bandage font, if I finish a pull on 75% mana I can happily start the next pull straight away, if I have to heal everyone up a little bit it takes time and mana, and I can end up having to drink which takes even more time. If everyone bandaged themselves the time is reduced.
Even low level instances are looking like the fastest way to get XP for me nowadays.

Once again I’ve started dying, though usually because I’m biting off far more than I can really chew.

Blood Furnace debrief

what went well:

  • I’m using my trinket now on practically every pull, coupled with Wrath of Air that gives a max of +220 and +101 to my healing. Then I cast earth shield and healing stream.
  • I’m using my Hypnotis’s watch (-750 aggro on use) when I pull, or expect to pull aggro. It’s quite weird, even joyful, watching a mob turn and run towards you, then change his mind and go back to the main fight.

could do better:

  • Focus more on the tank. Occasionally I’m healing a hunter when the Tank suddenly gets hit badly, this is not good.
  • Focus more on the weakest members. Some of the DPS have a lot less stamina and fall over much quicker if they’re being hit than others, these need special care.
  • Refresh totems.
  • Use my new earth elemental totem when things go bad. An extra tank is probably worth having.


  • I’m healing pets as a last resort, usually I just hope chain heal is doing it’s job.

On the UI front, I’ve finally spent time configuring MarsBar so all my totems are now two logical key presses away, for example Fire Resistance Totem is Alt-W (for water), R (for resistance), though most of the frequently used totems are also on Shift+number where they have always been. At least this way I can reliably cast the less frequently used totems – Poison cleansing etc. without having to actually read the tooltips.

I’m going to have to write an addon to give me an audio announcement when my totems are destroyed/expiring. I think this is happening during the longer fights, especially boss fights involving waves of mobs, though I always miss the text messages. I’ll also be adding specific messages when I drop the resistance totems, far too often I’ve dropped Frost resistance during a fire event.

Question: Why on earth did blizzard decide that the fire spirits can’t give me fire resistance? Instead they give me Frost resistance.

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